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After cataract surgery in one eye that resulted in 20/20 vision in that eye, I took my Lenscrafter prescription sunglasses to the store I bought them in to have the left eye replaced with plain glass. I was told that I had to have both lenses replaced, at the original cost (about $300 for a pair of progressive lenses) even though 1) I only needed one lens changed and 2) one of the two lenses was plain glass which should have lowered the cost even if I chose that route.

I argued for awhile with the service person and left in a huff when I could not get an adequate explanation for such a ridiculous policy.

What a terrible way to treat the elderly who need several lens changes over a short period of time due to the changes in the eye accompanying cataract surgery. I went to another small eyeglass store for help, and they are doing this replacement for $20.

Shame on Lenscrafters for gouging us!!!!! This is the last time I deal with you and will spread the word!!!!

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As a non LensCrafters Optician there is a reason for this. You want the same material and coatings on both the lenses, I wont sell 1 lens either, they would be as risk of being sued if you got in an accident.

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