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Patient BEWARE. Not all associates that are employed by this company are authorized to perform the work that they are doing.. Make sure that the Associate is a Licensed Optician. It is a Federal Law .... More often then not ,the associate has no business taking measurements or dispensing eyeglasses.

Do not allow any one who does not have a license or a permit perform any measurements or dispense your glasses. If you are not sure ASK!!!!!!!

Lenscrafters / Pearle is always violating the Law.... It is all about the money!!!!!!!! Not your health or well being.

Please take your business elsewhere if an Optician is not helping you....

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Eyeglasses.

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I retired from being a dual licensed optician in Ohio recently. There are schools in Ohio that teach Opticianary!

It is also possible to apprentice for two years before being able to take the State Boards. Not all chain stores actually take the time to have there licensed opticians teach the apprentices, actually they all rarely do. I have worked in both private and chain stores and find that out of the companies I have worked for that the stores owned by Luxottica are the most manipulative of both there employees and customers. That's right, at Luxottica stores you are a customer to be taken for every penny they can, slipping in and insisting charges must be paid when they don't and most of the time not even bothering to explain them.

They are also in the practice of lying to their employees when hired and constantly threatening them with dismissal if dollar amounts are not met.

They own not only Lenscrafters but many more chains including but not limited to the Sears Opticals. So both buyers and potential employees BEWARE!!!!


It varies by state and it's not a Federal law. Nowhere in the original post does it say what state they are in.

Lenscrafters CANNOT break the law in Pennsylvania and Michigan because they do not require licenses. The original poster makes assumptions about the laws across the nation when they obviously only know the laws for their state. I have no trouble bashing LC for the things they do wrong *** lenses at super high prices), but it's not fair to generalize the entire company nationwide by saying they are breaking a federal law when such a law doesn't exist. They may be violating the law in whatever state the OP is in, but how am I to draw a conclusion based on information not given?

When somebody does not take the time to research what they decide to write publicly, I have trouble taking anything they say at face value. I said the original poster had no idea what they were talking about then I backed up my statements with facts around my area.

Optician insulted my general intelligence as well as the schooling system in Ohio. (Assuming that I went to school in Ohio, which is also wrong.) Anybody reading these responses will know who had a proper education and who did not.


I thought this was only happening in New Jersey. I see now that it must be a company wide issue.....I left the company because I was afraid that my license was in jeopardy ...........


So true........ Luxottica has no ethics and or morals. Opticians beware....they let anyone pretend to be licensed to practice....


If you read correctly.Which I guess in Ohio that don't teach that in school. THERE PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE A LICENSE OR A PERMIT TO PRACTICE. Here in NY we do have schools were you can get a degree.


You have no idea what you are taking about. It is not a federal law, each state decides if you need a license or not.

In my area, Ohio requires a license but Michigan and Pennsylvania do not. Even in Ohio, you don't need a license at a private practice to do it, somebody with a license just has to be in the room. In Ohio, you apprentice for 2 years. During that time, you TAKE MEASUREMENTS AND DISPENSE GLASSES.

There is no school in Ohio that will teach you how to do this. The person you apprentice under is responsible for teaching you everything.

If apprentices stopped taking measurements and adjusting glasses, soon there would be no licensed opticians to help you.

I suppose your next great idea will be to stop going to teaching hospitals because the med students aren't qualified to handle your care.