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I was anxious to get my latest pair of glasses from Lenscrafters as they offer the Accufit system for determining the best lens configuration based on the frame shape and your eye placement. That went great.

What was really horrible was the quality of the lenses when I finally got them home. I have never had so much trouble with keeping a pair of lenses clean before. I often have to wash them twice to get the streaks off. It doesn't matter if I use special lens cleaning wipes or not.

Soon after getting the glasses I returned to the store to complain about them.

The only thing I was offered was the purchase of their lens cleaning solution. Considering that these glasses cost twice as much as I am used to paying and I am totally dissatisfied with them, I am never going back to the store for any reason.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Eyeglass Lenses.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Myself and 3 of my children all got glasses from LensCrafters and we are having the same issue with keeping the lenses clean. Smeared streaks across the lenses nothing seems to clean them.

We mentioned it to them and they offered the same solution, to purchase their cleaner, or bring them back in maybe they forgot to *** the protective coating?? Never heard of this before and if that's true how do you forget on 4 pairs of glasses?