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Recently, I went for new glasses and a new eye exam with a simple single vision prescription at Lens Crafters, or should I say, "Lens Crafty". I got there early and after the insurance paperwork, I began waiting for an hour in an over crowded waiting room past my scheduled appointment with half as many chairs.

I finally saw a person, not a doctor, who did preliminary pre screen tests such as the puff test that normally a doctor will do. I was told to wait again. I had to stand as there were no more seats available. Another 25 mins I finally saw the doctor.

The doctor seemed new and very distracted as he couldn't seem to find the best vision for me as he went through the lens clicking. I have had eye tests before and never have I seen a doctor have so much trouble with equipment and use the bright light pen so long. When I asked him if everything was ok he stated, "oh no, everything is fine I am just checking". He was constantly interrupted during my examination.

Leaving several times, he said he had to dialate my eyes. I waited again for him to return this last time with the drops to do so. Shouldn't these have been in HIS office? Shouldn't HE stay with the present patient before leaving the room several times?

Yes and Yes. Poor management, yes.I was sent back to the over crowded waiting room again to wait for, "10-15 mins". This time, I waited for nearly half an hour while he got as many patients done as possible. I think he dialated my eyes so that he could reduce the over crowding.Lens Crafters has a bright shiny showroom, polite doctors and high pressure well dressed women who greet you at the door and try and sell you every option like a Caddilac dealer would.

But they don't handle patients on an idividual basis very well. They try and get as many patients on the schedule as possible forgetting that we are people and not a number. I noticed that many people around me being talked into buying more expensive frames or being pressured into buying coatings that I have read that wear off from these posts as well as extra insurance that you should not have to buy if they were quality eyewear.We all know the, "bate and switch method", at the point of sale and it was definately being used here.They seem to behave like a fast food chain with eyewear.I thought to myself, "do I get fries with that"?A few hours later I picked up the glasses and stated that they were not accurate as I mentioned earlier. You would think that they would have corrected my prescription BEFORE they made the glasses.

But they are too busy getting you in and out.The woman said to, "just give them a few days". I reminded her that I have been wearing glasses and contacts for many years and that they were wrong. My wife said that we would return them the next day. Lucky for them that they honor returns or I would be typing this to my family's counsel for legal action.

And any settlement would be for more than the price of the glasses, I assure you.The opticians from ***. Lens Crafters.As patient, tolerant and polite as I could be, this was truely the worst eye exam of my life.My conclusion is that this firm puts quantity before quality and treats patients like one getting an oil change or food from a fast food drive thru.Remember, in life you pay as you go and you get what you pay for. If it is to good to be true. It probably is.This was our insurance plan and I am going to forward this letter to them as well as professional license boards in my state.

I would never go there again. Never.My advice is to go to a qualified optician who puts his or her patients before commerce and not filling a shedule so it looks good to investors that will know about this experience.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Eye Exam.

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The 'optician' you mentioned is not an optician. They call them associates or frame stylist Lenscrafters does not hire opticians.

In a licensed state maybe yes, there has to be one on the premise.

Also if your insurance sent you there, that would be Eyemed which is owned by Lux. who owns LC so calling will do no good.


Your information is partly true. Even in non-licensed states, LC will still hire certified opticians.

I was one who started as an Eyewear Consultant and sat for the ABO after self-studying.

Passed my first time. Our location also hired other ABO certified opticians from other opticals in the time I was there.

If you want to work with an actual optician, it will say "ABOC" or "ABO Certified" on their name tag, and some locations will even post their certificate for the public to see.


Hello, I am sorry to hear about the delays you experience during your eye exam. If you could please send an email to with your name, contact information, and the store you visited I will be happy to look into this issue for you.


As an ex employee who can not wait to see the mighty Luxottica giant crash , even I have to laugh at the fact that you think you have the right to contact the state board. For what?

They did nothing wrong.I can not explain what happened during the exam and, in some states the Doctor is not an employee of LensCrafters. he Associates offered you all of the lens and frame options available. if you elect to have these features so as lighter, thinner lenses with non glare coating then you will pay extra for the better quality lens. And yes it is a better quality lens.

if you elect not to then they are fine with that also. They are doing what every optician in both private and company settings do. LensCrafters does hold the associates to certain sales numbers. They can be fired if they do not meet the numbers.

Which is why they are a horrible company. so maybe the sales push is a little harder , they are trying to keep paying the bills.

@No fan but

I am sure people reading your response are laughing at you because we all have the right to file a complaint no matter who you are. This may be why you are just an ex disgruntled employee.

One has the right to file a complaint with ANY professional license board.

Lens Crafters is no exemption. Also, you are wrong again as liablity is also a legal factor to everyone within that office serving you. Subcontracted Doctors, lens manufacturers or sales people. It is clear that this firm concentrates on quantity rather than quality as I have been to optometrists in my many years on Earth and probably more than you.

You are also incorrect when you say that LensCrafters follows a process as private opticians do. Private opticians will stay with the patient until the process is completed. And as I stated earlier these distractions will cause poor quality in any field of work.

People reading this blog are here to post similiar situations and fully understand what I mean. I am sorry that you do not understand and that may be a learning disability on your end.

Most people understand that eyesight should last you a lifetime if you take care of your eyes and go to qualified optricians who take the time to correct your vision and not just become another number in line.