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Went in for the 2 pairs of glasses for $99 dollars (or so I thought), ended up paying nearly $300 bucks total, for eye wear that didn't even last me a year. Not even a week after I got my glasses, the screw fell out of the frame, and needed to be replaced.

A month later, the screw fell out again as I was exiting my vehicle, but this time the lense fell out the ground and was scratched. So ONCE AGAIN I took my glasses to Lenscrafters to be repaired. As luck would have it, another month goes by and guess what? Yep, screw falls out on the right side once more and so does the lens, which sucks because that is the eye that needs the most correction.

So after the last repair, yeah I lost the screw again, I just gave up. NEVER AGAIN will they get a cent of my money, I have since gone elsewhere to have glasses made.

Faulty products, misrepresentation on the "deals", and just bad customer service all around.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Eyeglasses.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Awful, awful company. I came with a staph infection in both eyes due to their habit of never cleaning the eye paddles between patients.

They just chuck it back in the drawer. I am paying a lot out of pocket now for medical care for this with more to come. AND the opthamologist said the prescription was totally wrong so there goes the $$ FOR THREE GLASSES AND 100 CONTACT LENSES.


Very very high. Slow service, dirty and expensive.

Why would anyone go there? I will never again.


Correction to my review above: I GOT a staph infection from that store. They do not clean the eye paddles between patients.


SayNoMore, it happens (: Working for LensCrafters, I had many patients who came in asking for the 2 for $99 and explained that wasn't us. Talking to other opticals in my area, they have the same thing happen to them.

Between one place offering 2 for $99, one offering 2 for $69.95 with exam, and another doing a buy one get one, it's hard to keep them all straight. I hope you can find an optical that will meet your needs.


You're right, I realized it was EyeMasters/Visionworks not Lenscrafters. Sorry about the confusion.


I worked for LC the last two years before recently switching to a different optical (lack of hours), and they have NEVER had a 2 for $99 deal. You are thinking of another optical. Maybe Visionworks (used to be Binyons) or Sears Optical?


This consumer is confusing Lenscrafters with another eyeglass establishment. Lenscrafters NEVER has a 2 for $99. sale.