Calgary, Alberta

It's now four weeks and counting still no glasses!Today they said they would be ready in 1/2 hour and they would call me. I went there and they are still not ready she(worker) told me they said three hours.

Right that's why I went there.I don't think that's fair just because Blue Cross is paying for them. I bet my last dollar if I paid for them I would have got them in a week. I will tell nobody to buy glasses from them ever. I have had a bad experience and hope this never happens again.

It won't because I won't go back there. Thanks Pissed Off

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My Prada sunglasses starting flaking again...this is my second set of polycarbonate plastic lense. I baby these glasses and only clean with warm water and proper cloth. It is Luxottica lenses that do not last....I will go back and demand that the 3rd set of lenses are free and not $25 again!!!!


I'm wondering if anybody else has had this problem with Lenscrafters? Approximately 1 and 1/2 years ago I bought pair glasses at Lenscrafter in SouthCenter mall (south Calgary).

They were rather expensive Prada frames and poly-carbonate lenses with the anti scratch and anti glare coatings which the sales clerk told me I need if I expect to wear my glasses all the time and for several years. AFter almost 1 year I noticed the coating was peeling off my glasses so I took them back to see what could be done. After a long conversation where I heard "I must be using hairspray" or was perhaps "leaning into the oven door when I opened it" to cause this - I couldn't bake a raw apple without some instructions! Finally the store agreed to replace the lenses if I just paid a $25 "fee".

As that sounded better than replacing my 6 to 7 hundred dollar glasses I agreed. Long story short my replacement lenses started peeling within 8 months! I went back to the store to complain and was told the best they could offer me was to buy a new pair at half price - which happens to be the sale on at the moment. I assured them if I must buy a new pair glasses it certainly will not be at their store as I cannot afford to be replacing them next year when the coating likely will start peeling.

Since then I have been told that the poly-carbonate lenses do not adhere well to the anti-glare or anti-scratch coatings.

Anybody else ever hear anything like this? Never had it happen before on my many, many pairs of glasses.


It took 15 days but they called on the 15th day and said it didn't pass their "quality guarantee test". They said it would be ready within a week and it is the last day of that week and they haven't called. :(


I got mine in an hour and my girlfriend got hers in a hour.. my mom was told 5 to 10 days and got it on day 6... very happy with service


I can’t understand this business model…they tell me my glasses will be ready in 10 days. I respond.

“That won’t work for me, need these in 7 days”. Told no worries they most often come in sooner. Well they didn’t. People want honesty, not false hope.

Why wouldn’t a company offer a rush order for an extra charge??? I don’t get the lack of trying to accommodate customers.

Doesn’t make much sense. Not at all happy with the situation won’t be spending my money there again!


No they would not have been ready in a week. I paid cash for mine and they are still not ready. Never again with this company.