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I had a check sent to my local store Lenscrafters in Phoenix AZ located on Camelback Road. The check didnt have my name on it,so the store elected to just case the check instead of holding it and see if a customer comes in.

I showed up 2 times and was told I had to provide cancelled check. I had to request a copy of the check to get my refunded and they still wont after the 9th time visiting their store. Its 85.00! and no services were provided!

I have bee trying to get my money back for 3 mo. DONT shop there

Monetary Loss: $85.

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I didn't see anywhere in your complaint where you said you had an order placed. Lenscrafters will not order glasses until they are paid for, period.

Also, $85.00 sounds more like the cost of an eye exam. Are you sure you're beef is not with the INDEPENDANT doctor inside of the Lenscrafters store?


You can not expect them to do anything with that check. The responsibility was completely on you to call them to let them know you were sending a check to them.

You didn't do that, so you're out the money.

They have to deal with dozens of other people every day, and as much as you think you're the ONLY customer in the world, I hate to break it to you, you're not. Grow up and accept that you screwed up and learn from the mistake.


Eddie are you that dumb? I sent a check for a purchase.

You see I can put money aside where I work, before taxes.

I dont write the check, I request it..and the company that handles my funds sends the check to the address I request. But all is well I finally got my money from LC, and I went someone where else to purchase my eye exam and glasses with better customer service at that


Hello Eddie

The company that takes care of my check faild to add my name on the check. Its interesting that the store wouldnt keep the check on hand for a few days before cashing it.

I find it hard to believe a company wouldn't keep some kind of record they sent the check to the coporate office, or It was explained to me, the check was actually put towards the store expenses. As I said, it took 3 months before this could be resolved, with the poor service received from the store by having the run around. Even after being patient and providing a cancelled check to get my refund it took the store two months to have this resolved. I admit fault by not having the correct info ont he check, but why would a store give a customer such a run around and no help in resolving this and making me jumped through so many hoops knowing and confirming they had the money.

Why would the store play dumb everytimg I come in asking if they have resolvedd this and I have to explain over and over each time I came into the store. Why didn't the store take the lead and get my refund know after the cancelled check was provided?

I'm sure you wouldnt just let someone cash your money and say oh well. the Store has responsibly as well.


I can see where LC might have a problem with this.

The general rule is that you have "such and such" dollars in the til and the rest goes to the bank.

I'm sure they got in a LOT of trouble trying to explain why they ended up with $85 more then they were supposed to have.

(If you did not contact LC before you sent the check to say it was coming they wouldn't know whose name to put it under, it was never entered in the computer so the books have no record of it, and therefore the check had to be deposited as an overage in the til.)

Here's where your trouble comes in. To write a refund check, the store associate has to first enter your chart and choose the item being returned. Because there was no name on your check, there is no purchase in your chart to be returned. on top of that, you don't have the glasses to return. There is no button in the system to allow them to write a ready refund check out of the blue. All refunds must directly be attached to the sale it applies to. If they add the sale then try to refund it, at the end of the day it's another $85 blunder in the books. (coming up short this time though)

That being said, why would you send a check in without your name and instructions on it? There is no "we got a no name check" bin for them to hold your check.

If you MAILED it in, why would they expect you to come in and claim it when you obviously couldn't get in to give the check in person?

I think both parties are at fault in this situation: You for mailing it in without a name, instructions, or calling them first to let them know it was coming. Them for not...not....well...I want to say shredding it but I don't think that's right either. Perhaps giving it back to mailman and saying "return to sender" would have been best. I really don't think it's their responsibility to hold on to your check because you didn't think it through beforehand.


Let me get this straight: You sent a check to a store for no purchase?