Elyria, Ohio
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so its saturday and you have an extra $800 bucks and all day to blow it.well you found the place.

for your $800 you get to wait one hour & 45mins after your appointment time to see a doctor (???) who seems like he wants to be anywhere but checking my precious eyes. then wait an hour in the glasses dept to get someone to help you with the glasses. then listen to loooonnngg sales pitch & get hit with the best $800 glasses you'll ever get in one hour BUT WAIT!

Even though you cant walk one foot about seeing glasses in an hour sign, you have to wait 10 days intil they come in

DONT GO! I got my glasses at Eyemasters same day. I took all three my kids to see doctor there and get glasses. ALL FOUR OF Us GOT TWO PAIRS GLASSES AND 3 EXAMS for $389.78

Monetary Loss: $99.

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Your comment "can't walk one foot without glasses in an hour sign" is inaccurate. There is one sign in the lab that let's you know glasses are available (if needed!) in an hour.

The long waits and poor attitude was unfortunate.

Wish you could experience my store where that would NEVER happen. Your total would only come to $800 if you are ordering "special order" items...and that is not your only option.


At LC you obviously don't HAVE to buy the $800 glasses, they do have choices that cost a lot less. $800 glasses would be for a "designer" frame with lenses with every imaginable feature in them.

The glasses you purchased at Eyemasters obviously have less features and cheaper frames. LC also offers less features and cheaper frames.

You simply need to tell the sales associate that you want to spend less and don't need a lot of fancy stuff. Duh.