Baltimore, Maryland

The Backside INV coating has begun to crack and separate on my $459 pair of Lenscrafter Progressive Sun Polar Grey tinted glasses purchased from Lens- Crafters. It makes the lens look severely scratched and the view through the lenses is now distorted.

When I visited the store, I was told that I had caused the problem by using mild soap and water to clean them instead of optical quality lens cleaner. That same mild soap and water has never affected my other glasses.

These glasses were great for the first two years and then they suddenly became unbearable to wear.

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The coating on my sunglasses has cracked TWICE over the last two years to no fault of my own. I take great care of my sunglasses, and this is clearly a defect in something that they are doing.

I have cheap, non-prescription sunglasses that I wear to the beach that have outlasted the $250 lenses Lenscrafters makes.


Are you kidding me??? You must be crazy.

You say the glasses were great for the first TWO YEARS, do you think they should replace glasses that old? If you by new tires for your car and TWO years later you get a flat do you think they will be replaced for free?? Get over it. And did you ever stop to wonder what is in your water now that may not have been there 10 years ago???

MAYBE its not the glasses but your WATER. Lenscrafters has always helped me with any problems I had with my glasses OR explained to my why they can"'t.


The same thing has happened to me twice. The current pair of glasses I have developed spots only a couple of months after having the old lenses replaced, due to the same spot issue.

This issue must be something new in the way they are processing/creating their anti-glare coating because I actually have a pair of glasses from Lenscrafters, which are 10 years old, with anti-glare coating, and they show no signs of scratching at all.

It is sad to see a good company do the wrong thing, and offer up little to no support or resolution for their own problems.


and to the coward "Anonymous" who left a comment without having the balls to give a name, whining is something you do about an issue that is otherwise a small inconvenience. When the cost of eye wear is easily above $300+, 2 years is still too soon for a replacement.


since when is it lenscrafters problem that you used a cleaning method unreccomended by most optical retailers?


just had very expensive rayban sunglasses with mirror coating which developed spots ruining it within 30 days. they are refusing to do anything!!wtf!!

they are not standing by their product. i'm moving up the chain to talk with their regional manager.

STAY AWAY FROM LENSCRAFTERS!!!! go to an independent place with real experts and quality assistance!


I too have had problems with Lenscrafters. I have their "transitions" lenses.

The new pair acquired in roughly August 07 became so clouded as to be unusable, but LC did replace them for free in Nov.

08 (LC associate: "previous vendor provided poor quality materials.") Now the one of the lens on the replacement is delaminating but LC will not replace because "water immersion" caused the problem! I believe poor manufacturing process.


My husband had the same problem, they replaced the lens a couple of times, but then refused when they did it again. this was in the first 10 months of purchase.

Also, broke my frames and was going to replace them but they didn't have them anymore, would have to completely buy the whole thing again as they "didn't" have frames my lenses would fit.

And this was within the first year. Their customer service is very poor.


You've had them for over 2 years. It's time to replace them and quit whining.


Same thing happened to me just after a year. When I went to get my new glasses I talked to a manager and she told me that it was a factory defect and that they would replace my lens in my old frames with my old precription if I wanted.

Of course I didn't cause I need a new precription. But atleast it was something.