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Do you know what happens to those frames that are returned during the "30 day guarantee"???

They are re-tagged and re-sold as new.

New "demo" lenses are cut for the frame (look for lenses without a logo on them) and new SKU tags are placed on them (look for handwritten sku tags).

If I'm not mistaken...this is illegal!!!

Any used product that is resold MUST state that it is "used". Lenscrafters does not due this. I find it disgusting. Would you want to purchase and wear something on your face that someone had on their sweaty, greasy face for a month??? Not me!!!

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this is true. I have been an employee for 12 years. I will not say my name because our home office has people that go online to find employees who comment.


LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, others make poor glasses, expert finds

Optometrist Robert Rosenberg, of the State University of New York, says that eyeglasses purchased at seven large optical chains failed to meet industry standards for precision and workmanship. Rosenberg helped to write those standards.

CBS News had an "undercover shopper" purchase glasses at the seven businesses. The finished spectacles all had flaws, including incorrect astigmatism correction, poor fit of the lenses in the frame, frames that were warped or had a prism effect that can cause double vision. The phony customer also paid $20 at each outlet for UV lens protection, but 3 lenses came back with no protection. "You got worse than nothing," Rosenberg said.

"You got the feeling that you had protection, which you don't have." The seven offending opticians were Pearle Vision Express, LensCrafters, Cohen's Fashion Optical, Sterling Optical Corp., Sears, BJ's Wholesale Club, and Costco Wholesale. All seven agreed to fix the faulty eyeglasses free of charge after they were told of their incompetence.

Moral of the story: take a major news network with you when you buy glasses and you might have a better chance of getting quality service, but don't count on it. If you are wearing glasses made by one of these companies, maybe it is a good idea to take them back and ask them to prove that you got the UV protection your paid for.


ooh, ooh!!! I wanna know what else they've done that's illegal!!! Spill!!


They have been doing this for over 2 and 1/2 years!!! That's not the only thing illegal that they do!!!


I do think this is illegal