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My wife and I have been AARP members for many years. I want to alert you to a devious marketing scam that is being perpetrated on AARP members by Lenscrafters. On Saturday my wife and I went to Lenscrafters on South Florida Avenue in Lakeland , FL because you advertise that they offer an AARP discount to members. After investing much time with a saleswoman in the store we were given the price for a new pair of prescription sunglasses (@$560) and I raised the issue of an AARP discount. We were told that the AARP discount did not apply to frames and lenses from Oakley, the brand of the frames. With further discussion it became evident that they would not offer the AARP discount on anything they had in the store.

The sales strategy used in the store was similar to buying a car at most dealerships. No price was quoted upfront, but after filling out a number of forms and signing a disclosure statement, we had to endure a series of pressure tactics for add-ons, etc. until we were finally given a quote. We promptly left the store and went across the street to Wal-Mart were we bought a comparable complete set for $160.00 with no hassle.

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Not a defender of Lens Crafters in the least, buy Maui and Oakleys are never discounted. Every coupon that I ever got says that.


The LensCrafter defenders try to obscure the main point of my complaint, there was bait and switch involved. I do not care what your internal business technicalities are, what counts to the consumer is how you present yourselves in public.You need to state up front in the store (not in small print on a web site)that you do not honor AARP discounts.


I am so sorry to hear you had a bad experience. Even as a person quite far down on the totem poll I take it personally when my company doesn't match expectations.

At my store we strive to take care of each customer and sell based on needs and do not get pressured to over sell. There is always a 30% discount for AARP for everything in the store except clearance frames or Oakley eyewear or Maui Jim eyewear. Unfortunately that is for every discount including store sales and is stated so on all our sale and discount information. That is due to the fact that Oakley and Maui Jim are third party businesses that we work with and due to the nature of the manufacturing of their product.

Their specialty lenses cannot be made in any of our labs and need to be sent directly to their companies. Because of that they do not allow any discounts.

@LensCrafters Sales Person

Stop right there. Oakley IS NOT a third party brand.

Luxottica, who owns Lenscrafters (as well as Pearle Vision, Sears Optical, Target Optical, Sunglass Hut, and some other smaller companies), outright owns as a house brand, Oakley. I know every brand that is house and license because I managed a Sunglass Hut up until this past winter.

***. The only brands that Luxottica doesn't have anything to do with (ownership wise), are Maui Jim, Tom Ford, Dior, Cartier, and a select few others


Oakley and Luxottica merged, but Oakley still controls their product. Luxottica cannot put their in-house into Oakley sunglass frames.

They have to order the lenses from Oakley.

If they don't and Oakley finds out, Oakley can still pull their product from Luxottica's shelves. If you have any other office or lab that will put a non-Oakley lens in the frame, it will void any warranty offered by Oakley.


Let's understand what the LensCrafters defenders, Kitt and Abbie, are trying to tell us: A person cannot just walk into a LensCrafters and go by what the salesperson says prior to finalizing the sale and the information posted in the store. The customer must first go to the store's web site and attempt to find any fine print that may apply to them.

Apparently they think it is not enough to rely on the store signage. Besides the website and printed materials of the AARP, the referrer, makes no mention of exclusions.

There is where the problem lies - LensCrafters is using bait and switch. If Abbie, Kitt, and others want to persist in looking for obscure loopholes to justify the business' devious tactics, I will invest the time and take this issue to a much wider audience.


It says "Excludes Maui Jim and Oakley Authentic lenses AND clearance frames." AND is the key word there. I'm curious, did Wal-Mart offer a discount??


Kitt continues to spread LensCrafter misinformation. This appears to be one devious company.

The site states "Excludes Maui Jim and Oakley Authentic lenses and clearance frames." I was not looking at a clearance frame.

I guess the moral to the story is "let the buyer beware." Apparently, if dealing with LensCrafters, at every stage of the process one must ask themselves the question "how are they trying to dupe me?" The best thing to do is go to an honest dealer.


Next time go to Lenscafters website since it's their business.


Enjoy the benefits of your AAA membership at LensCrafters. Get 30% off your next pair of prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses.

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See Conditions

Valid membership required. Discount off tag price. Valid on multiple pairs. Frame and lenses purchase with valid prescription required. Cannot be combined or used in conjunction with any vision care or insurance benefits or plans, any store or other offer, discount or sale or previous purchases. Some restrictions apply. Excludes Maui Jim and Oakley Authentic lenses and clearance frames. See store for details.

that is exactly what it says on their website and right down at the end i believe that says it excludes Oakleys...


The AARP website states that members who go to LensCrafters get a discount, plain and simple. There is no fine print about this on the site, nor is there any fine print about this in the store (unless they keep it in a storeroom somewhere.) What we have going on here is a blatant bait and switch.


Unfortunately Lenscrafters is only a vendor for Oakley, Maui Jim and Chanel, they can't discount them at all. it Does say so in the fine print.

It can be disappointing but you could have tried to get something like a ray ban and use your aarp discount.

Lenscrafters can only discount if they use their labs to manufacture lenses, Brands like Oakley and Maui jim use their own labs and their own brand of lenses.


5 years ago you would have had a very good sales force with experience etc. Now all these people have been written up hours reduced ptos taken away etc.

You have a new group of people with part time hours and no chance to suceed. There are no ethics. The labs are changing the time the glasses were made, people are sent home early, no care is given to making the customer happy.

There is no longer any idea that glasses are a medical device. It is now dog eat dog Sell as high as you can or you will not have any hours.


Well said n very true...


First of all...YOU DID NOT BUY A COMPARABLE product to Oakley at Walmart!

Second I find it hard to believe the store would not honor your AARP discount...unless you were trying to combine it with another in store promotion perhaps?

Did the associate explain to you that brands such as Oakley, Maui Jim and Chanel do not qualify for any discount pricing as per the vendor?


Not only does LensCrafters pressure their sales people to overcharge, they also have been applying pressure to the "independent" optometrists to recommend useless additional tints and coatings that usually just run up the bill, but do not add anything of value to the patient!