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Bought 2 pairs of glasses in early 2011, had a coupon for a discount on special lenses (which I was told I needed). Buy 1 get one 50% off sale going on as well.

After picking out 2 pairs of glasses with progressive lenses (with significant sales pressure from the associate), some "voodoo" math concluded that using the lens coupon saved me more $$ than the buy 1/get 1 at 50%off did. $850.00 later I was the owner of 2 pairs of glasses. 1 pair had laser etchings on the lenses so heavy that it distorted my vision. The other pair looked "awful" on me according to several of my friends (that's not what the sales associate said).

I returned to the store and insisted that the laser markings were visible to the naked eye and distorting my vision. Initially dismissed my complaint until I insisted they look at them and surprise! there they were, easily readable on the lenses. They eagerly offered to replace the lenses, which they did, however, they are now the worst glasses ever!

I have taken them back twice and had the lenses checked, they insist the progression of the lenses is correct according to their records. Whatever....at the same visit, I decided to return the second "awful" pair and bought a pair of Donna Karan frames that were on sale at the time. They are my "winter" glasses as they are a darker and heavier frame, quite different from the lighter wire frames I wear in the spring and summer. I kept them in the drawer until mid-October.

Took them to the store to have them "tightened" up as the arms were quite loose. When I questioned the sales associate about the L side being "looser" in the joint, she pulled them out saying that all of the frames have "spring" like action in the arms to make them sturdier. She then proceeded to tell me in a rather condescending tone, on how to put on and *** my glasses. Listen, I'm 52 years old and have been wearing glasses since the 7th grade.

Never lost a pair, never broken a pair, I think I've got it. Needless to say, 3 weeks later, watching TV, the arm just fell off my glasses. Broken. When I returned to the store, I was told, in so many words, too bad, I didn't have the extended protection on them.

When I told them that the store employee had "manhandled" them, I got serious attitude and the remark "that's why I tried to talk you into the extended warranty". Coming from a sales associate that had NOTHING to do with the purchase of the now broken glasses. Told them I didn't appreciate the attitude and asked for a regional manager's name (because the store manager here is just dismissive) I was told "you can find it on the website". Needless to say I was pissed.

I contacted customer service and was told that there was no regional manager for North Florida (that's probably a big part of the problem right there) and they said that Rhonda, a zone manager would contact me within 2 days. This was on November 15th, today is November 22nd. When I called customer service this morning, got the same apathetic attitude from the rep. When I said that I was told Rhonda would get back to me within 2 days, he responded with "I doubt they told you that".

Wow, calling me a liar more or less now. Nice. Again, I repeated what I was told the first time I called, then he backpedaled a bit and said that she would be "gathering information" to figure out what was going on and would get back to me. Wouldn't part of the information gathering involve speaking to me?

Told him I was done with Lenscrafters , noted the numerous complaints on the net about them, he said "when you deal with as many customers as we do, you get some complaints". Really!?!

He said I was "welcome" to complain on the net, that's my right. Done with Lenscrafter, losers!

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If you look at ANY progressive lenses, they ALL have laser markings on them. It identifies the brand of lens, the add power, and where the progressive starts. Doesn't matter if you get them from Lenscrafters, Binyons, or a doctor's office, they all have them.