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Lenscrafters in Reynoldsburg Ohio took full payment for new glasses from my 83 year old mother following eye surgery. Medicare then reimbursed the company for the glasses.

Lenscrafters will not refund my mother's money - after several months and many inquiries from Mom and Medicare! Luxotica is involved in this as well - and I think they are jointly owned with Lenscrafters. Mom has now filed complaint with Ohio Attorney General's Office - but will that work? Shame on Lenscrafters!

Shame on Luxotica!

How many other senior citizens have they ripped off? This store sits right next door to a retirement community!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Eyeglasses.

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That is terrible. Turn them into the Federal Trade Commision


I had the same thing happen to me. Lenscrafters made me pay up front in full for my eyeglasses following cataract surgery in January 2014.

They then submitted my claim incorrectly to Medicare resulting in a complete denial of my claim for reimbursement. The private contractor who processed my appeal to Medicare for reimbursement again denied my claim and stated in their denial "We have determined that Lenscrafters is responsible for the denied charges". Fat chance that I will get anything in the way of reimbursement from Lenscrafters.

This company does not care one bit about the seniors they are ripping off. As long as they get their money up front, that's all they care about.


Well the year was up, called Medicare, they couldn't even find Luxottica on the list of providers, nor Lenscrafters, so I guess there is no Medicare fraud case with them. BUT, they now tell me to put in a claim myself and directed me to the claim form online.

I still put in an online fraud complaint to the link directed for my state because this is so very unfair to the elderly. I Lenscrafters must be relying upon the poor memory of seniors....after a year (they have that long to submit a claim) they figure we will all forget about it.

Well, I haven't. Let's hope that, now, finally, Medicare processes my claim which is due me after I mail the forms into them.


Well, same here...I am the elderly who bought new lenses at Lenscrafters following cataract surgery, they charged me up front, then said they would put in the claim and never did. Called the manager who tried to push things along several times, bless her heart, but to no avail, I am still waiting for it to show up on my medicare account for reimbursement.

Called medicare a few months ago and was told to wait until the year is up, which will be April 1st., then call back and report them for fraud.

It is not the fault of the local store, it is the fault of the corporate office that is responsible for submitting the claim. They have just lost 2 long-standing, loyal customers-my husband and myself.


I believe most LensCrafters are not providers for Medicare, but they do transmit the claim for the customer. The customer pays for the glasses and are reimbursed by Medicare, which can take several weeks, sometimes 6 weeks.

Medicare doesn't pay for the full amount. They allow a certain amount for frames and basic lenses. Extras, like progressive lenses, anti-reflective coatings, etc are not covered. If the doctors indicates tint and ultra violet protection on the prescription, they are covered.

I've worked at several LensCrafters stores and we have always told the customer up front that we are not a provider, but will transmit their claim.

We keep a copy of the customer's receipt showing the glasses were paid for by the customer, the drs prescription, and the claim that the customer has signed. We are required, by law, to keep these for about 10 years!

I'm happy that Holly will handle this complaint. Mistakes are made...even Medicare makes them!

We love our senior citizens!


Luxottics owns LensCrafters, as well as a few others. Not sure why you are just blaming LensCrafters, when medicare should have noticed your mother paid for the glasses when they were processing the claim and sent her the check, not LensCrafters.

This has happened with some insurance reimbursements. Usually the process is they have to call Medicare and get the check number, the amount it was made for, and the date it was issued. They then have to call the billing department with that information to see if the check has arrived and been deposited. LensCrafters will then send you a check for that amount.

If that hasn't worked, then I hope the Ohio Attorney's office can help you, because your mom does deserve that reimbursement. I wish you the best with this. (: