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My husband bought a new frame and lenses back in June 2007 and when he went in to the store yesterday to put his new prescription lenses in this frame he was told by the new manager that his frame could not have no lenses. The lenses in this frame were permnanet. It would have been nice to know that when we were deciding which frame to purchase last June!

I complained on their website and this is what they wrote back:

Thank you for contacting LensCrafters.

We understand you are dissatisfied with the store's decision that your existing frame cannot be used in conjunction with purchasing new lenses. Our associates are trained to evaluate eyeglass frames and determine the potential risk of breakage as a result of the manufacturing process. Likewise, LensCrafters values you as a customer and wants to ensure that your frame will not only survive the manufacturing process, but will also last as long as a new lens investment. In the best interest of our customers, our store associates reserve the right to decline to reuse of a frame upon evaluation. We understand they have determined that your frame would not be a good candidate for replacement lenses.

We regret that we have not met your expectations

Now isnt that nice.... How can one of their associates be trained to evaluate my needs if they cant even let me know that with this frame purchase the lenses are permnanent? Wow! Interesting!! $300 down the drain all thanks to them!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Manager.

Monetary Loss: $439.

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If it is a drill mount frame, then their labs can't put new lenses in it. Some optical shops can, but LensCrafters (or any Luxottica-owned company) can't.

Not sure why, but that is why i ask all my patients considering one if they've ever had one and then inform them that our lab cannot replace lenses in them should they decide to come back in a couple years for new lenses. Unless you have insurance, it's usually more expensive there to replace lenses in a frame you have than if you go through a sale and get a complete pair.


Some of these responses are *** and seem like they were written by people with a conflict of interest or by 20 year olds who barely need their glasses. Prescriptions change quickly.

My distance actually got a little better while my RX for reading goes up in my progressives. The problem I have is LensCrafters selling glasses probably at a high price that *** in the first place.I think they wanted to sell some frames.



Lenscrafters employees are paid commissions on the amount of sales they create. I have been an optician for 20 years and there is no such item as a permanent frame.

Luxottica owns Lenscrafters, Pearle Vision, Sears, JC Penny and Target Optical. The next time you need eyewear go to a locally owned Optician.


it's normal for a lense prescription to change so unless they use JUNK frames you should be able to keep your same frames and replace the lenses


Hey guys,

If lenscrafters put rx lenses in your frame when you bought it, the only reason that they WOULNDT WANT TO TAKE YOUR MONEY is that the frame got too beat up to be re-used. Take better care of your glasses and they will last for more than one prescription.


Should the associate tell you that you might get hit by a car when you cross the street???? Why would the associate plan on you changing the lenses in your frame???

Why would they say oh yeah by the way...if you decided that sometime in the future you might like to change the lenses you can't do that. Get a grip!!!


haha are you serious.... how would the customer know to ask something like that unless theyve had this type of frame before?

It is the associates job to inform the customer that with this frame you will not be able to replace the lenses....not mine! Wow I hope you arent one of their associates!!!

:grin and what is with the language?? calm down cowboy!!


:? ***.

Did you ask whether or not the frames could be reused?

how would the associate know to tell you something if you don't ask? your expecting alot.