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My wife bought a pair of glasses and a pair of prescription sunglasses and I bought a regular pair of sunglasses. Her sunglasses fix excellent but her regular glasses just don't fit. Told that she will have to keep getting the nose pads replaced to stop them from sliding down her face.

We into the the North Point Mall LensCrafters (where they were purchased) to have her glasses nose pads replace and to have mine replaced (they fell off) and the first thing out of the sales person was "Lenscrafters is NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY BREAKAGE WILL WORKING ON THE GLASSES".

What total BS... That is like bringing your car to a mechanic and them not taking any responsibility if they break something while doing the repair. I chose not to have my glasses touched by them.

I called their corporate customer care number and go told that this is their policy and that due possible older glasses they say this across the board. This is where the lawyers have overruled common sense. I could see if the glasses where in poor/bad shape. But to say this as the first thing is poor customer support.


Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Customer Care.

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They probably just made her say that because somebody recently had their glasses break there and put up a fuss. Honestly though, that's supposed to be said to people who bring in 5 year old hinges-are-already-weak glasses. Or the people who step on their glasses and hand them to you saying "I would have tried to fix it myself but I figured I'd bring them in so if you broke it you'd be responsible."