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I have always bought my frames and contact lenses from Lenscrafters - even though they are exorbitantly priced - because I assume that a national chain will have accountability (after reading reviews on this site, however, I guess that's no guarantee)

I purchased a pair of Prada frames about a year ago for close to $300. About 9 months later, a decorative metal piece came off because the screw hole was cracked and the piece was unable to securely attach. I contacted my go-to branch in NY and they said, over the phone, that manufacturer defects should be covered even though I had not purchased the insurance. I would hope so...if you spend $300 on some plastic frames that's the least that you could expect. What ensued was a slow, painful battle with countless incompetent and unsympathetic reps in NY and Texas (because I was traveling). For three months, I went back as forth on whether the damage was wear-and-tear (no) or whether Lenscrafters would cover the defect or Prada had some warranty or whether the sky was blue etc. etc. What bothered me most was that every branch I went to (and I went to 5+ trying to get this resolved) and every person I talked to told me something different. They also constantly told me that they would follow up and do something or call me and never, ever would - it took a lot of proactive hounding on my part to have any movement at all on the issue.

After reading similar reviews on PissedConsumer I called their national customer service hotline and was told that the issue was "escalated" and a regional manager would call me within a few days. Surprise, one calls me and it's been a week. Today I got a call from the national customer service as a follow up, and they were surprised when I told them nothing had happened...why do I have to be the one to provide updates to reps internally? shouldn't they be coordinating themselves? I see that Lenscrafters is pretty active on this site, so wanted to post this as a last ditch effort to have something done - FYI, I've already been offered the 50% off a new set of frames because "it's not our fault that they broke, but we're doing you a favor". I did rebuy the frames but it left a bad taste in my mouth and I will do everything in my power to evangelize the evils of Lenscrafters

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My husbands problem was different, but enough for us to decide not to give them our hard-earned money again.