West Palm Beach, Florida

Purchased a pair of Ralph Lauren frames from Lenscrafters. After 18 months, the color enamel is peeling off.

Spoke to the manager at the Wellington FL store and she told me that it was more than 12 months so there was nothing she could do about what she considered "normal wear and tear". The lens are not scratched and other parts of the frames are in excellent condition. Wear and Tear would not be just in a few spots!!!! She would not do anything to correct the problem.

If I wanted to purchase a new frame, she would give me a discount and move the lens. Basically, wanting me to pay for a replacement frame. I don't know about your insurance, but mine only includes frames every 2 years.

If Lenscrafters frames cannot hold up for that minimum period without showing significant "wear and tear", then maybe people with insurance should find someplace else to purchase glasses.

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Lenscrafters is who makes the frames. The parent Company is called Luxottica. Thank them for causing the rise in the price for eyeglasses..GREED.Italian family making frames in China;;;


I've seen frames have the enamel come off even from private doctor's offices. It's not just LensCrafters.

Quality of the frames overall seem to be going down, maybe with the exception of Oakley or Maui Jiim frames. You just have to hope you get someone who will work something out with you.


Optician Thats the answer most people get from a company like LC. Why would they care ,they already sold the product, you bunch of worms


Hello, I am sorry you are unhappy with the frames you purchased, and the service you received. I would be happy to forward your concerns to the Manager of the location you visited.

Please forward your name, and any additional details to icare@LensCrafters.com. I will be happy to try to assist.


Come on...the frame manufacturers only guarantee frames for a year. Why would you expect LensCrafters to do any differently?

Not to mention the fact that the coloring wouldn't peel off unless you somehow scratched the frame.

It doesn't just come off. You're just like everyone else who wants something for free.


Every metal frame I have had has peeled. Your suggestion that people are trying to rip off frame makers I think is off the mark.

We pay premium prices for name-brand frames that don't last.

A warranty suggests a minimum reasonable expectation. In fact, shouldn't we expect more than the least?