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Forgot to mention that numerous times I had a lens pop out of the frames. I just had to super glue it in finally after I tightened the screw. Now I understand that problem was probably due to the poor grinding/sizing of the lens.

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I've tried LensCrafters in Brookfield, WI several times. I find them to be expensive. I had an eye exam by a young woman who was annoyed I was there on a Friday at the last appointment; seems as if she wanted to go home. She was very snotty and abrupt.

When selecting glasses, I was told the frames were unisex. I thought they were, but they ended up never fitting right, they were huge. I was not told there would be a remedy.

My $400 Burberry prescription sunglasses were nice to begin with, but after two years the coating was coming off. I took very good care of those glasses, but they had mottling or bubbling on the coating.

Within 2 yrs. I had spent $800 there and had horrible outcomes. I have happily switched to Pearle Vision and going with contacts so I can wear less expensive sunglasses and readers if I need them for the computer.

IMO, LensCrafters are all about the money and don't seem to care for their customers outcomes.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Eye Exam.

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Lenscrafters carries Zeiss, Hoya, Varilux and Crizal coated lenses. Only people who work at private practices claim that they have the best lenses.

It's the only way they can sucker people into buying their poor quality glasses.

All lenses degrade over time. Things like heat, humidity and cleaning them will cause them to scratch and start to wear down.


All the corporate companies treat their employees including optometrist like *** so that is why the optometrist was snooty to you. Who wants to do an exam at 6pm on a Friday night?

In addition, all corporate companies use the cheapest labs they can find: themselves with knock off brands of lenses. You won't find named brand lenses with quality any where near the costcos, lenscrafters, walmarts, pearle visions (same company as Lenscrafters). You have to get them at private doctor offices.

They are the only ones that carry Zeiss lenses, Hoya lenses, and lenses that aren't 'disposable'. Funny thing is price is around the same but yet people like yourself like retail for some reason go suit yourself with cheap *** that won't last long.


Interesting, Doug, I had no idea! Eeeks!


Lenscrafters and Pearle Vision are owned by the same company, so by gong to Pearle you're feeding the same fat cat. Way to make a stand, swifty.


i work for LC and i can confirm (as could any half-wit with internet access) what douggie here has said about LC and pearle being owned be the same company (luxottica).

not only that, but when we special order lenses, LC and Pearle get them from the exact same lab. so you got the exact same ***.

the exact.

same. ***.


Pearle and LC are owned by the same company, as is Sears Optical and they use the same labs, but have you ever looked at the lab tickets? They are not using the exact same lenses.

Where LC uses Ovation for PALs, the others use the older stuff such as Synchrony.

By not using the higher end lenses, places like Pearle and SO can charge less. Same would go with the other optical chains.