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A repeat customer, I visited your Greenwood Park Mall (Indiana)store #71 on September 20, and had an on site eye exam with Dr. Wendorff.

During the exam he mentioned that with my prescription I would probably need a "slab off." Having no idea what that meant, I asked, and he said not to worry as the Lenscrafter folks would know what to do, though they may have to order blanks.

The ladies who helped me never said a slab off was necessary. When I got the new glasses they produced very severe double vision, and I expressed alarm. After checking my prescription against the lenses they told me all was right, and that I would need to give it longer than normal the get used to the new prescription since it was a large change.

After about 20 minutes the double vision had begun to resolve to a single image, so I thought I should give it time. After two weeks,

things still didn't "look right", I had constant eye strain, and I now had double vision when I took the glasses off (never experienced previously)

so I went back on October 4.

When I described the problem, they re-checked the lenses, and sent me to talk to Dr. Wendorff again. He re-examined my eyes, and confirmed the prescription. He then said he would order some "prism" to see if that helped, but thought I would require the "slab off."

He then came into the store with me and consulted with a couple of the ladies there, mainly Diem.

When I tried the second lenses, they seemed somewhat better, and I was again advised I needed to "give them some time." I asked about the "slab off" again, and was told that was a special order, and would take ten days to two weeks. I asked if I would have to return (another 25 mile round trip) to order them if I needed them. Deim said no, I could just call and order them.

After four days it became apparent that the lenses still weren't right, and the eyestrain and distortion wasn't getting better.

I called the store on October 8, and of course Deim was not in, and the lady I spoke to said it was not possible to order the new "slab off" blanks unless I came in. I explained what Deim had said, and expressed my wonder that I had to make a return trip so that they could order

the lenses, just to make yet another trip to wait for them to be ground and put in the frames. She agreed to "check with" someone, and call me back. An hour and a half later, she did, and said it would be two weeks, took my phone number (again) and said she would call when they were in.

It was two weeks yesterday, the 22nd, and still no call. I am still having discomfort after more than a month of being more than patient

and far too understanding, I still need new glasses, and seriously doubt I will ever return to Lenscrafters. I feel it is near time to find out about the unconditional satisfaction guarantee.....


Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Eyeglasses.

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Visited LC in Austin, TX for glasses. I have extreme opposites in my eyes, farsighted and nearsighted, and knew it was going to be tough to wear glasses.

I've always had contacts. When I got the glasses, the double vision was extreme, as they told me it would be, and recommended the slab off. I didn't have time as I was moving out of state and figured I would visit a LC in my new city for the procedure.

The double vision only occurred when I turned my eyes but didn't happen when I looked straight so I managed without the slab off pretty well. My eyes have adjusted to the glasses so I think I'll keep them the way they are.


Same problem here. Over two months and still no lens, and this is for a child it school.

Always getting the same answer, "by Friday!" Last time ever me or anyone i know will use this company! Shame on you all!


I, too, have had problems with lenscrafter's glasses and did try to get them to do them over but with no success. They do not stand behind their products and the damage that can be caused by improperly fitted glasses can be very painful and ultimately expensive.

I've just learned to stick with local community folks who place a real value on their own reputations and realize sloppy work will lead to their business' failure.

Lenscrafters seems to have many part time employees who don't show any pride at all in contributing towards the best possible translation of the Rx into actual glasses. This is not a place to save money because their ever so suave "Managers" just refuse to budge and make good on what are obvious errors.


Disregard HOLLY, that is a company generated response. Just another example of how Lens Crafters doesn't really care about the consumer only about taking your money.


You have 90 days. "No questions asked".

That's what they say but they're going to try their hardest to get you to keep them. I wouldn't.

If you have any issues in the future it will cost you. Just get out while you can.


Hi I'm Holly with LensCrafters. I am so sorry you are having a hard time getting the correct Rx in your glasses.

Some prescriptions can be difficult. It sounds like you are eligible for the 90 satisfaction guarantee so I'm sure the store will be able to assist you with this.

If you would like to call/email me with your name I would be happy to check w/ the store for you on the status of the new lenses. I can be reached at 877-753-6727 option 6, or by email at