Cincinnati, Ohio

Not at all pleased with the store in Eastgate Mall. My friend took me directly to the store after getting my new prescription from my eye doctor because my current glasses are broken and I really need my glasses for my day to day "survival".

After being fitted and measured was told my "new" glasses would take about an hour and IF there were any problems or issues they would call me on my cell phone (we were going to go walk the mall and possibly grab a *** to eat). That being the case we took our time returning to the store about one hour and fifteen minutes later.

When I asked about my glasses they made a BIG show of "looking" for them. After about another 10 minutes an associate approached me and apologized saying that the store could not handle the precision of my script and that they would have to send the lenses out to be made elsewhere. I asked how many days that might take and she told me at least 5 days..I then asked why someone had not called me when they determined that they would not be able to craft them there as they did have a number to reach me.., I was told by this associate who had not waited on me originally that they knew I would be back in a bit.

Now I am NOT a mall person, as a matter of fact I had not been inside a mall for over 10 years until I went there to purchase a necessity. I do have a life outside mall walking and it just makes me mad that my friend and I had put off other chores/errands that could have been attended to had we been told that they could not make my lenses there in one hour.

Also, had they informed me of this before making the decision for me to send the lenses elsewhere to be crafted I would have been able o make a few calls to determine if I could find a lens making facility that actually could handle my unique lenses. I have worn glasses for many years and I know that while my prescription requires some adjustments that they really are not all that uncommon or that unusual. I have had many sets of glasses made elsewhere and usually they are ready the next day IF the facility where they are being made is in the same city.

I just feel that I was mislead and treated like an *** by these people who before yesterday had never set eyes on me.

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8) Sure is a lot of complaining over an hour of lost time and if she and her friend did get a *** to eat, they really didn't walk around the mall that much, if at all anyway. Not a good enough reason to blast the employee/company for such a small incident. Some people just like to complain......


And people like you just like to troll internet forums. Fail.


I don't think the person you are speaking about complained without justification. They were told the wrong information and we inconvenienced.

In my opinion LenCrafters glasses are more expensive than some for the same product (but they do have an excellent replacement policy where you can replace damaged glasses within the first year for free) .

They purchased something under one set of terms and the terms stated were changed. Also it was important to this consumer to get his or her glasses quickly and that was something that was factored into the decision to purchase.


Hello, I'm Holly w/ LensCrafters Customer Care. I apologize you were not informed of the delay in making your glasses until you returned back to the store after your 1 hour wait.

I will be happy to contact the Eastgate Mall location to discuss your concerns.

Please feel free to email me any additional details at, or call with your feedback to 877-753-6727. Anyone will be able to assist.