Saginaw, Michigan

For over 10 years my husband and I had been going to Lenscrafters and had few problems nothing mayor. 2 1/2 months ago my husband went to get a new pair of glass, the frames available were nothing to talk about.

He finally decide on a pair, we had insurance, after insurance they charged him over 220 dollars and charged insurance over $700 which I thought was outrageous since his vision is not that bad and the frames were only $169. We had to wait for the glasses they said about 7-10 days after 10 days no glass and no call. We called they said that the lenses on glasses came cracked so they had to return them. A month later still no call and no glasses.

Employees very rude and manager just gave us a smirk and later went to back to laugh without care. After 1 1/2 months finally got glass, my husband could not see properly they said he had to get use to them. My husband after 2 months could not get adjusted to them the prescription was wrong. He went back they were very rude, slammed the glasses did not say anything and refunded the money without a word.

We would never return to them again. Customer service is a 0.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Customer Care.

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Your experience with LensCrafters apparently will depend on the employees. The ones I have been to have been professionally staffed and service has been excellent. I recommend LensCrafters highly.


There is no vision insurance company in this world that is going to reimburse a retailer over $700. What you may have saw is the retail price for the products you purchased.

The amount collected from you is the amount MANDATED that HAS to be collected from you per the insurance company based on the products you purchase. The insurance company has a pre-negotiated price that they pay the retailer for whatever product you purchased which is much, much less than retail.

If the prescription was wrong then why did you just not have them remake the glasses in lieu of getting a refund. LensCrafters does not do eye exams so they could not give you the wrong prescription as the doctors are not LensCrafters.

@Facts are Wrong

Your facts are wrong.

Lens Crafters are responsible for these doctors whether they are employed or sub contacted by them.

Ask any attorney.

@Responsiblity Guru

Your facts are wrong. LensCrafters (one word) is not responsible for sub-leased independent Doctors.


How much were the lenses? The script and power? Bi or trifocals?