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I had a new eye exam with a new prescription at a great optometrist at Lenscrafters today. I then took the new prescription into the store, along with two pair of very expensive Luxottica drill mount (i.e., rimless) eyeglasses.

The Associate said that Lenscrafters will not replace the lenses in the drill mount frames. I must buy new frames! I told her that I would not have purchased them if I had been told they were disposable eyeglasses.

She says she does not know of any way to have them replaced. Can anyone here help me out with the name of a company that will replace the lenses?



Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Eyeglasses.

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here is a number in denver that will helpyou 1800725-5577


Google this to see if relens companies can help you.

rimless eyeglass lens replacement


Should have posted this a long time ago, but I ended up ordering very similar titanium frameless progressive lenses from I've order a pair the last two years and will again soon. I've ordered two pairs for my Mom, and a coworker has ordered a pair.

High quality.

Dirt cheap prices ($82???) And they have a feature where you upload a face photo of yourself and "try on" different eyeglasses to see how they'll look. All you need is a prescription.


I go to LensCrafters and I know for a FACT that if any frame is discontiuned it is automatically sold half off. and If you go in and they dont have the frame they give you a new frame at your choice.

and they have a 15 month warranty on glasses. so i dont know what you guys are talking about


You guys all suck... You dont know anything about making the lens for the frame.

Nothing just "falls off" I dont care what it is made of. Im sure you were handling the glasses in a rough way.


No, LenCrafters lies - plain and simple. I bought a designer titanium rimless frame from them that they told me was very strong.

I paid close to $600 for lenses (high-index, progressives, anti-glare, etc.) Within a short time the nose piece fell off. That was when I found out that at the time I bought the frames (at full price) they had already been discontinued for TWO YEARS! This meant no replacement frame, no spare parts. I was then also told I should not have bought this frame because it is so fragile.

What? After the person who sold me the frame told me, over and over, how me how indestructible titanium is. Now my $600 that I spent for the lenses are wasted because of the lies LensCrafters told me. Since then I found out the whole story how LensCrafters is owned by Luxottica and really only carries low quality, discontinued items that they sell to an unsuspecting products.

This now answers why they can sell products for such low prices. Also, many of the frames have been used and they are resold as new. Unscrupulous.

I will go to a real optician and never but at LensCrafters again. I will also do research and never buy another frame or sunglasses from the Luxoticca group (do your homework online, as many designer frames are made by this low-quality group - stay away, don't be fooled).


I actually worked for Pearle Vision which was bought out from Cole by Luxottica, which also owns Lens Crafters. Pearle uses the same labs (in Dallas) as Lens Crafter store do when they do not have that specific perscription or style on hand.

Pearle will redo lens, but like one person did state, they may not come back "perfect" because of wear and tear to the actual mounts. They will also have to send the frames to Dallas to get them cut and fitted. So you do have to go "blind" or have another pair to hold you for a couple of weeks.

Now you also have to take a chance that during shipping they can become damaged either on the way to Dallas or even on the way back from Dallas. I can tell you they do try to ship them as best as they can to not damage them, but if the case is soft or too big for the glasses, you do take that risk.


I am an independant optician. There is virtually no reason for not working on a drill mount several times, Provided the parts (plastic plugs) are available. Find yourself a good "Optician" not a clerk.


The frames are not trow away. you can call optical shops in your area and they can lead you in the right direction. The doctor i work with has worked at the said optical and she said they work off commition. We have a in house lab and do reuse all frames that are in good order. Hope this helps out..

Mike Batten


Same thing happenend to Lense Crafters, I went to another Shop in my town and they replaced the lense,,,,using the same frames, there are plenty of eye places that will do it ask around!


This is what happened to my husbands frame. I posted a review very similar to yours. Im very upset that when we were purchasing our frame we were not informed of this before hand.


some drill mount frame - have screws or compression mounting - ( small plastic pcs that slide in back -

others have screw posts - that once cut - you may be out of luck -

i don't work for them -however i saw many bugari frames (drill mnts ) that came back in to us and our labs can not do them -

as for the ones with nuts and bolts - or compression mountings - there is no reason why these can not be reused - and all of those parts are replaceable - so that argument goes out the window


Seriously, does anyone buy expensive eyeglasses and expect them to last 6 months to a year? NO.

I bit the bullet and bought expesive frames because I planned on replacing the lenses for the next five years. If LensCrafters NOW says they are only going to be single use, they should market them as DISPOSABLE eyeglasses. ***, the things are made out of TITANIUM. And Lenscrafters is marketing them as indestructable.

They can't have it both ways. They should tell the consumer up front that they are fragile and can't be re-lensed. Another thing . .

. my understanding is that Luxottica is the parent company of Lenscrafters.

And Lenscrafters won't even work on their own company's eyeglasses???? Rediculous!


Don't be too upset. Obviously the associate did not explain why this was something LC does not do. If you purchase a drillmount you have a year to replace lenses at 50% of the retail cost. LC has done tests on how long frames last especially drillmounts, usually after a good year/even 2 the frame becomes a bit worn. Alot of the time the screw's or posts that hold the lenses in place are sometimes 1.3mm thick, over time things wear.

Keep in mind that you CAN get them remade at plenty of other optical stores, but they do not always care about the quality of the glasses. LC thinks 6months/1year down the road when we come up with these procedures, we care about the quality and do not want to put something in your hands that will only break down 6months later. If you like that style, then you will have to accept that. IF you cannot accept it, then try a semi rimless, there are some really nice frames available.

Hope this helped..sorry for your experience.