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Lenscrafters sold me an expensive pair of designer glasses. First, they got the prescription wrong.

When they changed the prescription lens, they gave them to me in new frames. Turns out that you can't change the lens in the screw type frame but no one told me so now I had a second pair of over $300 frames but only one I could use. Then the screws kept getting loose . Told that they don't sell that frame any longer but of that.

Then, after the returperiod, lenses started to cloud. Told that the transition lenses I had received where defective and no longer used by Lenscrafters. So---the frames and the lenses were defective, the prescription was wrong, I was told the lenses couldn't be changed, and the transition lenses went bad after the return period which is obviously too short for me to find out the problem with the lenses. Store never called me.

Now they are only offering 50% off entire pair and the lenses are 50% off anyway. Never going back to Lenscrafters no matter how far I have to travel!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Eyeglasses.

Monetary Loss: $420.

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I worked for Lenscrafters until just a couple months ago. The lenses you are talking about are called Reactints.

They are like Transitions but are not Transitions. The stores are all receiving replacement lenses and taking the Reactints out of stock. If your lenses go bad within one year, you are entitled to a replacement--it's store policy. If they will not do that for you, you need to go up the chain until you get it.

It's standard. Go back and have your lenses replaced!

It's not Lenscrafters fault as much as it is the fault of the Lens manufacturer. As far as your screws coming out, it's likely that your lenses weren't cut right and when they are replaced that problem will probably also go away.