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Lenscrafters (Fredericksburg, VA) will tell you that single vision lenses that they don't have in stock will be delivered to them in "a couple of days". For single vision lenses for my 20 year old son, I actually believed them because it was such a simple, no frills order.

Don't be fooled into believing them. I called back after a week and they still have not received the lenses in the store. Whilst the delivery time is out of their control, the fact that they lie about the estimated time to the customer is in their control. Clearly they lie, assuming that you know no better.

I had not used Lenscrafters for several years & should have stayed away. I hate being lied to when they've already got my money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Eyeglasses.

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Ugh I'm so annoyed y'all. I placed an order for some new Ray Bans and the guy asked if I wanted these special polarized Ray Ban lenses and I was like sure thing like why would I want anything less?

Anyways, so his computer said they would be ready in an hour but told me it would take a week or so. Well.. it's been a week and I still don't have my beautiful sunglasses. I go to the beach A LOT and it really sucks because I want to seeeee (my sunglasses are prescription).

Hopefully they call me soon!! Forever waiting, Jumanji.


Most stores have a stock of lenses in the back, some stores have a full lab where they can surface and cut lenses, but they have limited space so they stock with the more common perscriptions. If your sons perscription was very high, or his astigmatism was strong, or he had a common script but picked a rimless frame or drill mount frame it will be impossible for them to do it in a day. in all honesty my store can get glasses done in about an hour 80% of the time, but my store has a full lab. if the one you went to only had a cutter and not a surface, then it drastically cut the amount they can do in an hour. usually a special order can be done in a week, but once it is sent out it is no longer in our control. To say that we lie about the ETA is not only unfair but inmature.

Do you honestly think we are trying to *** over? We want things to go right the first time just like you do. do you think we want angry people coming back into the store? that we want to spend more time with some one who is insulting and rude?

Cut the sales people some slack, they are not trying to scam you, they are not lying to you, they are just doing their jobs.

If people calmed down alittle and were so awful when there is a speed bump things would go much more smoothly.


I have to agree with Meg. Is it frustrating to have to wait longer than you were quoted?

Sure, but I guarantee they weren't intentionally lying to you.

No one likes to be yelled at because things aren't going the way they should. I think we all could use a little more patience and understanding in our lives...


Yes I do! I've been waiting THREE weeks for my prescription Ray Bans! I was told it would take 10business days max!

I'm a loyal Lenscrafter customer and I hate being treated as anything less!