Tampa, Florida
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I am a author, national speaker and a correspondent writer for a newspaper so you can understand why Glasses are important to me! I do hope someone on the corporate latter from lens crafters reads this...I truly tried to get someone to listen in your store .

I had a problem that was small but turned into a big mess with eight personal visits, ten call, broken promised and deadlines missed from your staff and I was over charges.

I am not only about to leave you as a once happy customer but I am going to tell everyone who will listen and then some about my personal experience of the BAD and I do mean Bad service and stressful visits that left me thinking buying a car is less stress then Buying glasses. I think I should add the experience to my keynote speaking on the topic of customer service!

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Did you go up the corporate "latter" (ladder) and call customer service? :x


:grin "I am a author, national speaker and a correspondent writer for a newspaper ".... really?? Did you even read your own post?


Lenscrafters should be called LenSHAFTERS instead! Bunch of f ucking crooks!


Where can I make a complaint about a customer? Do I need to find out where the customer works and make unreasonable demands and start yelling like a raven ***? :upset


Yes, I am a writer and author of two books! Keep in mind, I am also writing without glasses.

All due to the problem I had with Lens crafters not having my glasses as promised in ten days, now over thirty day! Glasses that I took back to the store for repair, that they broke.

It is not easy to see keys without glasses. I am being very truthful and If you are not having a problem why are you posting on this page.


For an author and writer for a newspaper, you really have bad grammar, don't you proofread? Doesn't appear you are being very truthful.