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I purchased a pair of Oakley glasses from LensCrafters in San Mateo Califoria. I paid in advance with insurance to have the prescription filled. They called me a few weeks later to tell me Oakley could not put a prescription in those frames (why didnt the sales rep know that???).

I tried to find another pair at their store but didnt like any. I returned a few months later with a pair I purchased elsewhere and requested to hve the prescription filled in them.

When picked up the glasses I complained that the prescription was not correct and it was blurry. They told me they were sorry but the 30 days had expired. I have been trying for weeks to get someone to realize that the 30 day clock should start ticking when a pair of glasses with a prescription has been received - not when they are ordered and unable to be filled with a prescription (especially if due to their error).

Although that makes common sense this organization has policies in place that store managers cannot be deviate from no matter how ludicrous.

There is no way to escalate to anyone else other than customer service. They told me they will look into it but so far are not returning my calls.

Costco has a much better return policy, very high quality, nice people and better prices. You can take your own frames in to be filled.

I would not recommend going to LensCrafters if you can avoid it.

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Lens Crappers sucks! I went there a few years ago.

Their glasses were worthless!

I made them refund my money and reimburse my insurance company! I will never go to them again!


....with this location as well. After several eye exams and being told there was no need for glasses, I went elsewhere and was told that I did need them.

When I put those glasses on it was like a whole new world. My headaches went away, and I could see MUCH better than I thought I ever could.

The Dr. seems pushy and irritated. I am glad I got the second opinion.


Hey im sorry about what has happened to you. To be honest that store seems to suck.

The 30 day are supposed to start as soon as you pick them up and they are supposed to fix them until they are right. It sounds like some one is just jerking you around out there. I work at a store in MD and we fix them untill you like them sometimes even a little after the 30 days. The managers can change it so they can please you.

Who ever helped you was misleading you. And yes on Rx sunglasses you have 90 days to return them.


After the forth pair of lens they still can't get it right. Now they refuse to refund my money, they want to keep trying to get the lens right. 7 weeks 4th pair ! I think not.

I've worn glasses for 30 years and never have I had as poor of quality as from them.

I've never returned a pair of glasses ever in my life. These lens are ***. They even used (so they said) the best material they have.

Well they have poor techs working on too, first 3 lens they gave me had scratches all over them. But they asked why I couldnt just wear them like that!

If you are doing your research and looking for quality.... DO NOT GO TO LENSCRAFTERS !



Wow! Had a wonderful experience at LC Tacoma Mall.

Bob, GM, took care of us with superb customer service. Ordered replacement lenses without any hassel.

Now we wait for lenses to come in. Wanna give credit where the credit is due.



The Lenscrafters has nothing to do with doctors office charges or policies. Every doctor that is located next to a Lenscrafters is renting the space from the company and they have their own policies and prices. You can go to any Lenscrafters in the nation and be charged the same price, but you can't go to every doctors office and get the same price.


I can deviate from the policy and I do when it needs to happen. Please concider that we are all human and when you come in with an attitude most humans will give it right back.

Remember we are here to help just be patient and you will be suprised how well you will be treated. Life is way too short to be so angry.


i am in the optical business, not lenscrafters, but i do happen to know some of their policies, and the 30 days starts from the time of pick up, unless you wait a ridiculous amount of time to pick your glasses up, say 6 months.

when you say it took a couple of months to go back inside, why did you wait so long? there is a chance that your prescription could have changed if you waited months. the longer you waited, the greater the chance that your rx will change. but once again, if you have your eyes rechecked by your dr. and it is within 90 days of the time the original exam was done, and if there is a change, LC WILL remake it at no charge.

another possibility is that you are a type of person who cannot handle the wrap type of lenses. most oakley frames have a lot of wrap, and for some people, they cannot handle the way the light bends through the wrapped lenses, they experience a fishbowl effect, even though the prescription is correct. that type of thing is more dependent on the person. some people need to wear a frame that has a flatter shape.

last comment: oakley makes their own lenses for their frames, so sometimes when lenscrafters or an authorized dealer places an order that seems fine to fill, it is oakley who has the final say, and sometimes they can cancel a job for their own reasons. so even after an authorized dealer places an order that should work according to oakley's own standards, sometimes oakley will still decide they can't do a job.


there is a 90 day rx policy if your prescription was blurry you have 90 days from the time you got you exam to go back to the dr free of charge and get a new rx and lc will remake the glasses free of charge


I went to the Tacoma, WA. store for an eye exam.

Wanted contacts too. They wanted to charge an extra $25.00 on top of the contact lense fitting fee because they feel they spend extra time with the customer. I went somewhere else for alot less and they spent plenty of time with me. What a scam.

The woman that sits at the front desk working for the optometrist has issues. I will not take my business there or buy Lenscrafters products again.


Managers CAN deviate from policy. I do it all of the time.