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Lenscrafters today quoted me DOUBLE what other stores charge. I checked with local eye glass stores and called one at home that I have used.

All quoted me $180 for top lense and including anti-glare.

Lenscrafters quoted $380 but said they have a sale going on and offer up to 30% off.

So in fact they jack up their prices then offer a discount to look good but still came out costing more that all other places I checked.

You couldn't pay me to return to one of their stores.

The last pair of glasses I purchased from them my optician said weren't even "my" proper prescription.

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Lenscrafter 50% or 40% discount is a scam. You get cheaper price on same item elsewere and you cannot use your insurance of you avail of their discount.


the wrong lenses for my frames were given to me. I needed a short channel progressive and store put me in long channel progressive.

Employee wrote up prescription wrong. When mistake was brought to their attention they expected me to pay the difference of $180. I had already paid $250 to begin with & didn't have the extra & was not told it would be that much to begin with. Lenses are NOT correct & I cannot see at all.

This is causing me alot of problems.

Very poor customer service. Lenscrafters has done me a disservice & I will make sure to tell everyone I know how I was treated & to not go there.


On two occassions in the last week LC was finalizing my order for glasses when the sales clerk said I could pick up the glasses in ten days. The Rx is very simple and I ordered plain lenses with AR.

They said both times that they were out of lenses!

When I said I would go elsewhere they suddenly found lenses and said I could pick them up in an hour. Sounds like they make more profit by having a slow lab do the work, so they lie to you at the last minute of the sale, knowing if you complain they will provide the service but if you don't they will pocket more cash.


Okay I know this is an old thread...but I feel like correcting some of the incorrect info here. I've been in optics for eleven years-nine of those spent at Lenscrafters as a licensed lab manager- the rest as an optician at Walmart.

Lenscrafters and Walmart use the same lenses...they just have different names for them. Corporate at Walmart is just as accountable as LC, and at least at Walmart corporate responds to the complaint. At LC the complaint gets faxed back to the store you had the issue with. This means you get to deal with the same people who failed to get it right the first time.

Oh and walmart has a customer service phone number...meaning you get to talk to a real person. Last I checked LC was email only. Yes LC says their prices are more expensive because of the one hour service, but if your order has to go to an out lab it's the same price. It wasn't until LC made the push for high-end pricey designer frames that the prices went up.

Most repairs at Walmart are free, but yes we do charge for nose pads. Up until a few months ago so did LC. They recently stopped charging for repairs because the business tanked and they were trying to find a way to get people to come back in. Walmart opticians also quality check all glasses before dispensing.

I think pretty much it's hit or miss depending on which store you go to with any retail optical place, but I say shopping around is a must. Find a provider you trust and has your best interest in mind and isn't worried about the commission they earn of your sale.

Walmart and most dr. offices are non-commission...can lenscrafters make the same claim?


same exact scam happened to my mom. she was offered 2 options for lenses, the advanced standard was the most expensive.

she chose the cheaper standard bifocal and was charged for advanced anyway. very shady business practices from this company, they will not get any more business from my family.


where else are you getting your eyewear in an hour?... exactly!!!


Eyeglasses (frame and lenses) huge mark up!

Lenscrafters has one of the top mark ups

in lenses and frames out there. I know i work in the industry. There was a report done a year ago on the news, by comsumer reports, and lenscrafters came out on top from being the most expensive. Now they may say they use top quality, Thats Bull.

Whos going to pay all those lab techs, sales people, opticians, apprentices, ads on tv and online, WELL YOU ARE!! They have a huge operation and the only way to survice is to raise up the prices and fill your head with silly discounts like AAA or ARP which i promise you , you'll still be paying a lot at the end. THe one year breakage protection is a joke, half the retail price, they are still making money off of you. The 30 day is good ,because after u buy the glasses do some research and find out what else is out there and return them. Oh and if you do end up at Lenscrafters , make sure you dont get the 1 hr. service, they rush those jobs and its half *** work. TRUST ME ! JUST THE FACTS


lenscrafters glasses are double checked by the lab optician and the retail optician. if there was any discrepancy that you were aware of, then they would have fixed it at no charge!

and what if your screw were to come out or your nose pad??

would walmart fix it for free?? I doubt it!


Also, just so you know, LensCrafters prices are the same whether or not they have any promotion going on.


Could the other stores have your glasses ready for you with in an hour? Most Lenscrafters are forced to employ twice the number of trained staff members than other optical places since they have fully operational on site labs. Lab staff and Opticians are not cheap.


I agree, Lenscrafters is pricy, but you are also paying for customer service, quality, and corporate accountability. Corporate WILL take care of you if you ever have a complaint, and the quality of the lenses is superior to many other optical retailers.



I assure you that the private opticians price was lower than Lenscrafters


I took the identical prescription to all locations for a quote. They were all quoting on the identical lense.


private drs. usually charge more than lenscrafters.


make sure when asking for prices that you are asking for the same thing at both eyeglass stores...i did the same thing but i needed a bifocal and when i called a cheaper place they quoted me for single vision...the bifocal was the same price as lenscrafters and their lenses are much better quality as say me!