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LENSCRAFTERS - Avoid this chain!

Think twice before dealing with LensCrafters

I escelated the matter via my BBB complaint and then had input from David Bauer at HQ and it was agreed that LensCrafters would make up just one lens. ( Rx Operations Manager (678) 472-8481)

On Sat. 10/26 I returned to the Kennesaw location and had extensive discussions with the Manager and an Associate regarding a price issue. I had been told on 10/17 that the cost for 2 lenses would be $110. On the 26th I was told that they would, as per their HQ make up one lens and the cost would be $110! My opinion was that the cost should be in the area of $55-60 or half what they had wanted for making up 2. They would not agree to this and decided to take my contact info and contact HQ for further instructions. It is now a 'don't call us - we'll call you situation' as they will supposedly contact HQ for guidance. I am still waiting to hear from them!

Their treatment of a returning customer who had last year purchased 3 pair of lenses and glasses from them and had been impressed enough to tell the manager of that time that the associate helping him had done a great job, tells me that this firm has absolutely no concern about customers and no desire to encourage customer loyalty to their brand. They seem to exist entirely for what goes into their cash register that business day and never mind any long term concepts of taking care of 'old' customers or encouraging future visits, they are just interested in how much $ they can wring out of customers that day.

I have since determined that there is great dis-satisfaction with consumers regarding this firm, with 447 complaints to the BBB over 3 years and 96 complaints on the site I have established 8 blog sites in anticipation of additional nonsense from LensCrafters and they will 'go active' if/when LensCrafters HQ decides that it is just fine for them to attempt to charge $110 for the one lens. Here is a link of one of those sites FYI:

Misc. I see from my sitemeters that LensCrafters HQ in Mason, Ohio IP Address: Luxottica ( has been looking at my site 5 times in the last 2 days. I hope they learn something from my comments. As things stand now they have a very poor reputation and have some really *** corporate policies.

Here are my existing blog sites FYI, this weekend I will be adding another 20+:

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Customer Care.

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This is ridiculous. Are you proud if yourself?

I don't like lenscrafters, either. But there is a lot wrong with this country.

But making up multiple blogs about a glasses company is a waste of time and a misrepresentation. I hope you disclose in these blogs that they are each one of many written by the same loser.


I wrote out a long response to your post here but deleted it because this whole thing is just another person(you) being big and bad behind the keyboard. The amount of time and effort you have put into something for such a measly amount of money is just beyond immature.