North Brunswick, New Jersey
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A so-called representative of Lenscrafters said on here for people to stop buying their cheap frames and lenses if you don't want them to break.

Well, you know what, Lenscrafters?

How about you stop selling cheap lenses and frames that snap like a twig.

If you sell inferior materials, of course you're going to have complaints.

Or do you only stand by your most expensive products?

I've had plenty of experience with Lenscrafters.

Your company is made up of a bunch of hypocritcal liars.

I know about the frames scam where, if I need repair or replacement of my frames, they are conveniently discontinued.

Also, when I asked if the scratch-proof coating that was wearing away could be completely removed, I was told it was not possible.

Oh really?

I took the same glasses to a small eyeglass store which had its own on-premises lab and they had NO PROBLEM removing the coating.

Crooks and liars!!!

I'll make sure the word gets around and I will celebrate the day I hear your POS company is filing for Chapter 11!!!

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There's your problem, two locations in New Jersey, a state known for its stellar customer service. I don't think it matters what store you shop at in NJ, the service is usually awful. Try a store somewhere else, I bet you'd be more satisfied.


Actually, Lenscrafters makes enough profit on their frames and lenses that they should offer a one year warranty for both at no charge. I now work for a private practice and I know that the lens companies and frame companies offer these warranties.


Because that's good customer service and that's what gets people to come back. Clear and simple.


Well, I don't know where YOU people live but bad experiences at two different Lenscrafters in New Jersey have sworn me off them for life and I'm spreading the word so others don't get scammed and lied to.

It's the right thing to do.


It all depends on what location to go to. There once was a time you could look at a sign and tell what kind of service you would get, no matter where you were.

Those days are over. There are great Lenscrafters locations,and there are terrible ones.

That part is true. It is highly irresponsible to castigate an wntire company over a bad experience at an isolated location.


I always find Lenscrafters polite and professional.

I had a problem with my lenses after 3 years. The told me the lamination was coming apart so they changed the lenses for another brand. (Reactint). I had Transition before.

My wife fell and her glasses broke and bent out of shap. They fixed it.

I would recomment them at anytime.


Thank you. We'll be here all week. Be sure to tip your waitress.


You two are funny. :)


I wonder why they re-used your frames also because the Lenscrafters by me emphatically refused to fix my old frames (citing they were discontinued) or re-use the frames I got after that.

When I spoke to the manager, I got a "take it or leave it" attitude.

I'm sorry, but when you deal with the PAYING public, you need to speak nicely, offer alternatives, or make suggestions to remedy the situation.

Over time, this kind of bad service has the business looking out the window wondering why all their customers are going to the competition.

This is why, for me, it's Lowe's over Home Depot.

At Lowe's, the help will go in the back and get you an item.

At Home Depot, they tell you they're out of stock without even looking.


You are a winner. Lenscrafters associates, at least the ones paying attention, don't say the coating CAN'T be taken off.

They say it's company policy NOT to take it off. It's not entirely good for the lens, and not having it will affect clarity. It is far better to replace than remove. As for discounting.

READ THE POLICY. If they are replacing something the customer broke, the item is discounted as a courtesy, so they don't have to pay full price. An associate would gladly sell a full price pair if that's what you want. And finally, they sometimes choose not to use your frame, because of many different reasons.

You sound mildly intelligent, so I'll bet you could figure out some of those reasons. I'm sure you really believe they're in business to turn down someone wanting to pay them money, just for the heck of it. It makes sense.

The store I frequent has used my frames several times. I wonder why.



You missed the point and only chose to pick weak arguments to make yourself look like maybe you know what you're talking about.

You don't.

Lencrafters personnel lie and deceive.

How do you explain their lies about not being able to remove the non-glare coating, yet I had another place do it?

How do you explain how their frames are always conveniently discontinued when you need a repair?

Or how they told me they can't ground lenses to my current frames?

Because they are jerks like you.

So mind your business.


Knucklehead!!!!! There's no such thing as a scratch proof coating.

I'll bet you the coating you are talking about is the non-glare coating. Also, people get what they pay for. Cheaper frames WILL be easier to break, and Will lose their adjustment easier. They SHOULD stop complaining if they CHOOSE not to pay a little extra for better quality.

I believe you just like to hear yourself talk. If your frame is defective and under warranty, you would get a no cost replacement. If YOU break it you SHOULD pay some for it.

That is not a scam, it actually HELPS the consumer who only has to pay half. It makes complete sense, Knucklehead!!!!