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i'm not really pissed like the review type says. but i'm not neutral or pleased either. i'm a little bothered.

it took numerous visits to find out that this lenscrafters store is disfunctional and the employees are unhappy and only willing to help if you're gonna buy something. i don't like how the salespeople at this store act - they pretend to start helping you then they start trying to talk you into buying things you don't need. they're very sleazy that way.

i took a pair of ray bans in to have them measured. the guy stood there for 10 minutes flipping through the computer screen trying to find the right size, even after i told him i wasn't gonna buy any lenses here and i just wanted a size taken since i found the lenses to be a fraction of the price online. he then told me he couldn't find the right size and that he would recommend not purchasing online since they wouldn't be genuine. i told him that i found a reputable website selling them for cheap which is

i took his eye glass measuring tool and tried measuring them myself and thats when he crossed his arms and looked at me weird like he was annoyed. he looked like he wanted to strangle me! i asked him what was the matter and did i bother him? then i laughed and walked out.

i went to the sear across the parking lot of the mall and the guy there helped me. i was in and out in 2 minutes. i asked him if he took davis insurance and he said yes they do.

i've been to this lenscrafters several times, the one located on 14 mile road in troy michigan. ive seen lab workers bursting out of their office yelling and shouting about how a co worker or patient pissed them off. just ranting and raving about this or that. very VERY unprofessional business.

i suggest you stop hiring *** that just got out of high school, the ones that think they know everything there is to know about their job, when they don't know anything to begin with. i'm pretty sure there's been people that walked out of there and never came back, pissed off, ripped off and just bothered like i was. i don't know what kind of business they're trying to run at this particular store but i won't be going back. i'll be going else where for my eyes. i need professional workers and a professional atmosphere when it comes to doing work to my eyes and my eye sight.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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The Lenscrafter employee in the Troy store quoted me a price for eyeglasses and frames without disclosing that the price contained an appropriately $35 fee for a one year warranty. When I complained that I had not asked for a warranty and she had not discussed a warranty with me, she responded that this is the procedure which she follows for all customers, and that it is up to the customer to discover the warranty charge.

If you have purchased glasses from the Troy store, I suggest that you check your receipt and ask for an accounting if necessary.


Wait: you wanted to use Lenscrafters retail store that they pay rent on, use their staff that they pay wages to, use their equipment and knowledge that cost them money, so that you could get a measurement to buy glasses from a competitor that has no store for you to walk in, has no staff to serve you, and does not have the equipment or training to to take that measurement? :roll :roll :roll


So you expect to purchase your glasses online where the online retailer has no way to properly measure you for glasses so they can not sell you a properly made pair of glasses because its cheaper. Ever think of going to one of the discount retailers who sell *** for cheap prices just like you buy online (2 pairs for $29)?

Anyhow it is your right to buy wherever you want to, but now you want to go to the guy in LensCrafters and have him give you the accurate measurement which he was trained to do and is paid to do by a legitimate company and write them down so you can buy your stuff somewhere else and maybe put his company and therefore him out of business.

LensCrafters and Sears are owned by the same company so its obviously not a company policy and the *** is the guy who gave you the measurements so you can send him to the unemployment line. The only thing the guy did not do was tell you was we do not do measurements for free for other retailers customers!!!


Yes Really. Do you think i give a rats *** if the guy ends up calling marvin for his paychecks?

i do not give a rats ***. the reason i became upset is because i had been doing business with them since they were known as D.O.C. the guy could have told me from the get go that he can't measure them for that reason and i would have been on my merry way. no fuss no muss.

i've already taken care of these glasses and they look beautiful now and i paid a fraction of the price. do i give a rats *** about lenscrafters or about you? i do not. i've been working retail for 16 years and sleazing your way into a sale is not the way you help a customer.

i won't be back inside a lenscrafters ever again. i will not be doing business with them ever again, not only for this reason but for other reason. the lenscrafters at 14 mile and 75 has a very very unprofessional staff. never again.

to the guy above. go *** yourself!!! the economy is no good and everyone is lookin to save a penny so like i said.

go *** yourself. thanks.


LOL really? I think your attitude shows by how you are saying you don't care about an American company or its employees.

You may not know this but most online retailers making cheap glasses are made in China.

They are made in sweat shops by kids but then again you probably don't care about them either.

Either way, grow a conscience and heart and stop :cry


Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional and personal experience to all our customers.

I would like to personally apologize that your experience failed to measure up to our normal standards. I will forward your comments on to store management to be addressed.

Your opinion, whether good or bad, is valuable us and helps us to improve. I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with us.

Please email if I may be of any further assistance. - Megin, Customer Care