Worcester, Massachusetts

Consumer Beware: It is my perception that Lenscrafters has very unethical customer sales, pricing and financing practices. The first thing they do when you sit down to get glasses is they will try to sell you on a credit card with a 29.99% interest rate. They disguise the high interest rate with 1 year interest free offer. They tell you you are getting 50% off which is an outright lie. They say to you if you get one pair of glasses you only get 6 months interest free. If you get two you get 1 year. At that point the Manager of the Greendale Mall Worcester MA location walked by while I was being consulted and handed the sales girl a pair of Ray-Bans sunglasses. This guy is obviously getting a commission or some kind of goal program with Lenscrafters. The Ray-Bans were rejected before the price was given. Before you know it you have a 900.00 set of glasses. I said no sunglasses and now my eyeglasses were 512.00. I said I do not want the credit card or to do business with Lenscrafters. They gave me back the original application for a credit card and my prescription retaining the note the eye doctor gave me. A week later I received a credit card after making it crystal clear I did not want one. When I tried to cancel the card that was a big hassle. GE Capital is the credit card company. They were very uncooperative and unprofessional with incompetent management.

I filed a complaint with Lenscrafters corporate. They never took responsibility for their unethical pricing, tactics and outrageously high interest rate financing. I am not sure why the Attorney General's office hasn't acted on Lenscrafters. Maybe they have? Who knows.

Another more more reasonable very well known huge retailer could sell me the same pair of glasses for 230.00 less.

I finally ordered my glasses through an online retailer for a whopping 406.00 less that Lenscrafters.

My instinct said do not go to Lenscrafters as they were located in a mall so you will pay mall prices. I went there because it was local and my insurance company changed their policy so I could not go to my regular eye doctor.

For the record the eye doctor was very good. It is unfortunate that he has to work inside Lenscrafters. If your insurance company makes you go to Lenscrafters run away screaming.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Manager.

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You can always go to your regular doctor no matter what - they can file your *** insurance for you as "out of network".

If your diagnosis is not farsighted or nearsighted then the visit will be filed on your health insurance and the vision "exam" is money wasted anyway.

Likely though - you'll see why nobody takes that junk. The rates are about what optometrists earned 40 years ago (no lie !!!).

They're trying (successfully with you) - to steer you in to one of their *** houses where they can make even more money because they make the frames and control everything the optometrist does - fees, hours, etc, etc, etc.


That would be EyeMed insurance which is owned by Luxotica who owns LC Guess they did not mention the material discount benefit.