Columbus, Ohio

With a couple of days left for my current prescription, I placed an order with 1-800-Contacts for a year's worth of new contact lenses (Lenscrafters prescription). Lenscrafters refused to confirm my prescription, so 800Contacts had to cancel my order.

Needless to say, I cancelled my future appointment at LC and told the person on the phone that I was 100% done with LC. It takes forever to get in and out even with an appt. there anyway. The people working at the Greenwood IN location could use some training in proper customer service too!

Many conversations b/t the workers are inappropriate to be held in front of waiting customers.

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I pray that it doesn't really work that way! Contacts are considered a medical device and are should NOT be that simple to have the RX filled, just because a request wasn't responded to within 8 hours....that could put someone's eye health at serious risk! ugh!


When 1800 contacts phones the doctor to verify the prescription, the doctor has 8 hours to say it's wrong or expired. If the doctor doesn't fax anything back at all, the prescription gets filled.

So, if the doctor didn't confirm, it would get filled anyway. Sounds like something else is going on.