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I purchased a pair of glasses from LensCrafters a year ago, the lenses started to deteriorate and looked as though I was looking through shattered glass. I took the glasses to a LensCrafters store and they gave me a run around about I subjected them to a high heat, I had not.

They want to give me this deal for half price on new lenses when the lenses I was having trouble with weren't a year old, I told them that is wrong and raised enough *** that they decided they would charge me 25 dollars and did a crappie job installing the lenses that one morning I woke up and put my glasses on and they were cracked all around the frames. I carried them back today and they doing the same deal, want to give me half off on new lenses when the lenses that crapped out on me aren't even two months old.

I would like to tell everyone to be aware of LensCrafters shady dealing. Their lenses and their lens installation is crappy to say the least.

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