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I bought a pair of glasses at Lenscrafters about 2 years ago. They said I had to have bifocals so I chose the ones without lines.

They only had about 3 pair of frames I could chose from that would actuallt fit the lenses. It wound up costing me over $400 with insurance. I dont believe that I truly needed bifocals as they dont make a whole lot of difference between the old pair I had. They put that scratch resistant coating on and now my glasses are so scratched up I can barely see out of them.

The coating itself was over $100 and insurance only covered 10% of the price. The pair I bought from another retailer didnt have the coating on them and they are still not scratched.

I think Lenscrafters runs a scam in telling you to put that coating on there knowing it is going to scratch off anyway. I will never go back to them again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Eyeglasses.

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Every time I go to get eyeglasses, whether from my own optometrist or Lenscrafters, I end up paying a fortune because I have several eye conditions; glaucoma (sensitivity to light), nearsighted for driving, and far sighted for reading. I end up with the Transitions progressives and no fail, the lenses are scratched up within 2 months.

I take care of my lenses, don't use anything to clean them other than the specified soft lens cloth, and am very careful with them. Then why do they scratch so easily?

I'm tired of paying over 500 for every pair of glasses and not getting a lasting product. :sigh


After the forth pair of lens they still can't get it right. Now they refuse to refund my money, they want to keep trying to get the lens right. 7 weeks 4th pair ! I think not.

I've worn glasses for 30 years and never have I had as poor of quality as from them.

I've never returned a pair of glasses ever in my life. These lens are ***. They even used (so they said) the best material they have.

Well they have poor techs working on too, first 3 lens they gave me had scratches all over them. But they asked why I couldnt just wear them like that!

If you are doing your research and looking for quality.... DO NOT GO TO LENSCRAFTERS !

That's my advice to you..


What have you been doing to your glasses? Even if you are not cleaning your glasses properly, it still should'nt be in that state of condition as you just described.

I highly doubt you took care of your glasses. I have the Featherweight lens with AR and scotch guard coating, and let me tell you I'm 19 years old playing sports and I dont have a single scratch on my lens.


Well I only purchase frames from Lens Crafters. My eyes are checked annually by an Opthamologist. That would be you best option.


Lenscrafters offers 4 levels of poly lenses, basic, super scratch resistant, then lenses with ssr+anti glare, then lenses with ssr+anitglare+scotch guard.. no lenses are completely scratch resistant.

if you're wiping with your shirt instead of a cloth, then that could be scratching them as well.

almost EVERY pair of frames can fit a progressive, because they have a lens called short fit. Also, the scratch resistance is only 30 dollars more and its entirely different type of poly lens.


First off, 2 YEARS on a set of glasses and you're ***'??

Are they plastic lenses? If so, they WILL scratch no matter HOW much coating you put on them!

The coating only DELAYS the inevitable! And I agree 100% with what Edward said above.


Lenscrafters does not offer an "extra" scratch coating. Your sales person may have made that up.

Also, it's your doctor and you that determine if you need bi focals or not. I know that it is not true that they only had three pair to choose from. That is on you. 80-85% of the frames in a Lenscrafters store will hole Progressive lenses.

If you had said only two or three you liked, it would be believable. I think your complaint with your particular sales associate may be legitimate, but not with Lenscrafters as a whole.