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We just received a phone call from a collection agency stating we owe $84 for services provided by LensCrafters Fashion Show Mall Las Vegas back in Feb. 2010.

At the time of visit, I paid $300 for my visit and contacts and my husband paid his $10 co-pay. We both got glasses that today and opened a credit account with Lens Crafters and used that for the glasses. They never told us to pay the $84 for my husband's picture of his eye. We paid everything else, so why would we choose to not pay the last $84??

We would have been if someone would have told us. I called Lens Crafters today and talked to them about it. (by the way, they talked to me about my husband's account, which according to HIPAA they should NOT have been speaking to me. I realized this after I hung up) They told me they sent my husband three letters back in 2010 stating he owes $84.

We NEVER received any letters and why are we just NOW hearing of the collection almost 20 months after the date of service. In the past couple of months, LensCrafters Fashion Show has called us every week to say we are due for an eye exam so we need to schedule. It would have been nice to hear that we owe $84 and they have sent my husband to collections. We obviously will not be going to LensCrafters any longer.

Why would we pay over $700 to LensCrafters and not pay the $84?? If someone would have told us, we would have paid it. Also, they said they send the account to collections back on 8/24/10 and we are just NOW hearing from the collection agency. So every month we haven't paid since 8/24/10 our credit has been dinged.

It would have been VERY nice to hear from the collection agency back in August 2010 and we would have paid it right away.

We are calling the collection agency back today and will pay the amount, but the damage to our credit and to our business with LensCrafters has obviously already been destroyed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Eye Exam.

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I beat if you would have been told we can't talk to you we would see another entry from you about not being able to talk to you.


I doubt your credit is destroyed from just this one situation, but this is a good example of why you should be reviewing copies of your credit report once a year at the very least. Twice a year is the recommended time frame.

Had you run your credit, you might have been alerted to this situation earlier. Were I in your place, I'd run it ASAP to make sure you haven't missed anything else.