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I purchased an expensive pair of Coach frames with my prescription eyeglasses back in April 2016. The other day I went to put it on and it was loose.

I noticed on the left arm a gold metal piece where it folds was missing. I paid a lot of money for it to break after 14 months of use. I went back to the store to inquire about getting it fixed, they said they don't repair and I had no warranty. I was never informed about buying a warranty when I purchased it and I would not anyway.

Why would I purchase a warranty for an item if it's only to cover the first year. An expensive eyewear should last longer than a year. It shouldn't break that soon. I usually purchase my eyewear from my eye dr.

Who covers and repair or replaces them regardless of how long I had them, but I just happened to Walk by LensCrafters and decided to try it . I am very dissatisfied and the employee at this store leave much to be desired.

I wonder now if this store is not using authentic Coach items, I have always known Coach to stand behind their items and Lenscrafters not willing to help me get it fixed cause they obviously want me to purchase another pair from them. I don't think so.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Eyeglasses.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

LensCrafters Cons: Not standing behind expensive glasses.

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You broke your glasses and you expect them to give you a free frame over a year later?! Clearly this is not a defect as it would have fallen apart within the first month or so of your purchase, thus this is operator error.

You buy a pair of shoes, use them for 14 months and when the soles start wear do you go back to the store and try to get them to replace them for free for you?

Please! Take responsibility.


Don't buy your glasses at these eye wear chain stores. They will always rip you off.

I've always had eyeglass frames fall apart with these types of stores. It's better to go to an indie mom and pop.