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Went to LensCrafters seeking good value and price - worst experience ever. I found nice frames but the lens they made were of such poor quality with so much vision distortion that I couldn't wear them.

I went back and they recommended an upgrade to Verilux to solve the problem. They had to order the lenses which took two weeks. They charged me full retail price for the new lenses so even with EyeMed insurance and after receiving a credit for the original lenses, my glasses were $750.

In 25 years, I have never paid this much for a pair of glasses to correct my vision. I get better service from my local optometrist at a better price - no more LensCrafters for me!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Eyeglasses.

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Lenscrafters hussles people hard to believe they're still in business, better off at America Best free eye exam 2 pairs for 69.00 . If you deal with lens crafters just purchase their frames, don't let them touch your prescription ! Just purchase the frames go elsewhere, because they will rob first chance they get.....


Roberta, private doctors offices have different contracts than retail optical stores do when it comes to the products they offer. Example: Trivex is offered through most any private OD, but not with places like LC.

But even so, not every OD carries the Crizal Alize. Quite frankly, I think the Crizal Avance is better, which most OD's in my area carry.

Private OD's can also work directly with reps to have the coatings guaranteed.

LC can't do that. Instead, they have to go through third parties to offer things like the one year protection plan.


How can u tell me that it doesn't make $$ - yes compared to there in house

Progressives with non crizal coating - yes -a I'm sure there not making the same profit margin(( they can run those for under 20 bucks a pr. And what they charge 500 ?

As for varlilux physio enhanced with Alize- they cost 200 bucks !

So granted if they exspect the same margin - nope but 1400 bucks is just crazy ! Maybe with the 50 off sale at 600 bucks u are paying what us in the rest of the world charge !

They also refuse to honor the NO CHarge Alize replacment policy either - why is this ?


Hard to believe such a large company would strike such a bad deal. I found my lenses on the internet for less than half what LensCrafters sold them to me for. Again - more reinforcement that you are better off elsewhere.


If you want Varilux lenses, go to a private optometrists office. When LensCrafters got the contract to sell the Varilux Physio enhanced lens this year, they had to mark the retail price at $1400, and after looking at the profit/loss statements, they don't make squat selling that lens.