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Would you want to support such a business?

Read all about this scandalous story and LensCrafters outrageous business practices and collusion with Yelp that is even supposed to review businesses not let them erase such shameful behavior.

Please consider boycotting LensCrafters (Especially the Fremont / Newark CA) in New Park Mall and write your disdain to LensCrafters, New Park Mall and EyeMed for their lack of support. Please ignore Yelp now that you know how trustworthy are their review…

Apparently, LensCrafter managed to get Yelp to filter out the previous review... Shouldn't it in fact be brought to the attention of prospective customers? How else can my previous review have ended up filtered out? Very disappointed of Yelp... What's the point of this service then? Is Yelp getting money from LesnCrafter? Hopefully this time it is clear that this is not a robot or inappropriate review, but rather an outraged customer who want sthis review well publicized (and will therefore also publicize it elsewhere).

I posted on 5-25-13 that on that day, my daughter lost a screw on her glasses. Her glasses were provided by an eye doctor under the EyeMed program. As this happened on early Saturday afternoon, I went to find an open EyeMed provider (our eye doctor is closed for the long weekend). I went to the LensCrafter store at the Newpark Mall in Fremont CA. (1115 New Park Mall, Newark (510) 792-6775), which is prominently advertising to belong to EyeMed network. At the store I was refused service by an employee called Michelle on the basis that the glasses were not purchased at LensCrafter. When I offered to pay I was told that they could not take the responsibility / risk of the repair i.e. they could not take the responsibility of putting back a screw in the frame? This is ridiculous and unacceptable. I would have been willing to sign a waiver!

This seems a rather non-courteous approach that it be unprofessionalism of the LensCrafter employee or the company policy. I have had myself days when I had problems with my glasses and got them repaires at any glass shop around the world where I went. Including several times in the past at the Fremont Newpark mall LensCrafter! It is especially unacceptable when it is at the beginning of a long weekend and affecting a kid! Furthermore, as I am under the EyeMed vision care insurance program I do expect that this is honored by the store that advertise participation to this program and advertised widely by EyeMed. This is in my view a breach of insurance contract and false advertisement.

This request for hep is a basic service. It is what is expected of a glass store and a basic service, that I was willing to pay for and that they should have to provide if you are in the EyeMed network! It is a basic cost of business except that it would not even have cost LensCrafter anything as I was willing to pay and sign a waiver and it did not even delay anybody as there was no customer in the store.

I complained to LensCrafter HQ. Lindsay replied that she would investigate. Nicole, the GM of NewPark mall left a message while I was traveling. When I eventually managed to speak to Llindsay (3 weeks after the facts) she offered me to fix the screw (3 weeks after the fact! As if it would not have been fixed since), did not apologize, claimed that the store was unable to reach me (after on trial) and did not guarantee that this incident would not repeat itself. In fact she argued that the store can't be sure that it would not be full and busy next time I com. In other words no admission that any wrong took place but instead assertions by the store that the incident would have happened in a busy store... (at noon on 5/25/13, there were no other customers in the store - almost none in the mall for that matter) and many bored looking staff.

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Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Customer Care.

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Great article. Thanks for the info. Does anyone know where I can find a blank "eyemed out of network form" to fill out?


Hey, I found a blank fillable EyeMed Claim Form here:


Hello, I apologize you are unhappy with your recent experience. We have reached out to you to inform you that your concerns have been forwarded to regional management to see what we can do to help.

However, please feel free to email or call us at 1 877 753 6727 (option 6) if there is anything else we can assist you with. -Jamie, LensCrafters Customer Care