Orlando, Florida

I ordered 3 pairs of glasses from Lenscrafters in Altamonte Springs Florida 3 weeks ago on a Saturday. They had instructions to call when they were ready, and I was ASSURED they would be ready by the end of the day.

That Tuesday i had not heard from them so I called. Only ONE pair was ready and had been waiting since Saturday afternoon. Why no call? The other two pairs supposedly "failed inspection".

I had heard nothing for the rest of the week so I called on Friday. Was told that both glasses were ready. I got to the store to find out they were NOT ready, and the lenses had not even been ordered! That next Wednesday I called back and was told one pair was ready to go.

Why did they not call me like they were supposed to? When I go to the store 2 hours later they were still working on them in the back! READY TO GO?????? Where are the third set?

I was told there was never a third set ordered until I produced my copies of the order. Guess what, they didn't order the lenses yet! So here it is 3 WEEKS LATER and I STILL don't have the glasses I ordered, just a great big run around.

Lenscrafters is way too expensive for the customers to have to put up with this garbage service! NEVER AGAIN!

Monetary Loss: $750.

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Well, Well. Another week has gone by and no call that my glasseswere ready. I called and was on hold for 30 minutes before they came back and said they cant find them and that "Maybe I had already picked them up".

Are you kidding me? MAYBE I HAD ALREADY PICKED THEM UP???????

I finally get a call back 30 minutes later and I am told the lenses are STILL NOT IN!!!!!!! They MAY be in by Friday November 16th?? MAY BE IN?????

Hey "Jamie with Lenscrafters" What do you have to say now??? Interesting that I called twice about this issue and got no resolution from the wasted time on the phone.


To add to this, after talking to the person at the 877 number given I am most definetly going to have my glasses checked by a different company IF I ever get them. There is no way in *** I can ever trust these people ever again!


Hello, this is Jamie with LensCrafters Customer Care, and I want to thank you for sharing your experience. I would like to personally apologize for the delay on your eyewear.

Please send your name and contact information to iCare@LensCrafters.com as I am more than happy to look into this further to see what we can do to help.

You may also call us directly at 1 877 753 6727 (option 6) and anyone will be able to assist you.


Well big surprise. Another week and another failed lens inspection. Of course nobody could bother to call and update me on this. Lets just say nothing and maybe this guy will just go away. Rude staff too. Telling me I should just let them call me when they are done and not try to get a NEEDED pair of glasses as soon as possible. Being told that they will be ANOTHER WEEK is getting to the point of cancelling the order and getting a refund, but can you refund me for the experiance, to rude staff, and fact that I CANNOT READ ANYTHING UNLESS IT IS MORE THAN 3 FEET FROM MY FACE????????

Jaimie, what kind of help are you going to give me? Are you going to the store to fire them? doubt that. Are you going to had deliver my glasses? Doubt that too. Can you PERSONALLY make sure that whoever touches the lenses are doing thier job? Or is it going to be "We will look into this for you" but in fact you do NOTHING? My bet is for the latter choice. I will call and you can bet nobody is going to like to hear what I have to say.

Guess what I am saying on twitter, facebook, My Space and to the Better Business Bureau?