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To Whom it may concern:

I recently attended Lenscrafters at Bayshore, Nepean, Ontario (Canada) with my 80 year old mother who resides in Shawville Quebec and I reside in Kingston Ontario. We arranged a visit with my sister who is from the area and included an eye appointment for our mother with the Optometrist who is located next door to Lenscrafters.

On completion of her appointment we went directly to Lenscrafters where we were fully satisfied with the customer care we received from a young male employee. My mother's glasses were not ready within the hour and we were advised by a female employee that they were have difficulties and would require another hour to complete the job. Due to my mother's health problems I advised them we could not wait and was advised that they would contact me the next day if they were able to complete the job. It was approximately 1145 hrs and I did not receive a return call therefore I contacted Lenscrafters only to be advised by the female employee that she was too busy with other customers to check on my request. I informed her that I was also a customer and they had my mother's $430.46 cent payment therefore I deserved the same service. The employee was very rude and cut me off in mid sentence and said she would look into it when she had time. I received a return call approximately 5 minutes later that the glasses were ready.

The delay caused the family a great inconvenience due to having to travel to Shawville Quebec to bring our mother back to her residence and I had to return to the Kingston area due to work commitments. I work in the Health Care field and always ensure that the care provided is upstanding.

I will no longer give my business to Lenscrafters. I have been a customer including my extended family for several years. I will take my business elsewhere.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $430.

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This is no great surprise as Lenscrafters just cut staffing in the stores by 10%


Hi I'm Holly w/ LC. I am very sorry to hear you had an unpleasant experience at one of our locations.

I would be happy to discuss this situation with the management team of this location. Please contact us with your name and any additional details at, or call our Customer Care Center at 877-753-6727


It is doubtful you were much of a customer for "several" years if you let one small incident cause you not to "ever" go back. By the way, Lenscrafters offers loaner lenses for customers to wear if there is a problem with wait time.