I understood interest-free for 12 months to mean no payment during that time.The sales person specifically told me that was how it worked.

I did not make the first payment on time, thinking I'd just pay when I could as long as I paid it off within 12 months. They charged me $40 for a less than 30 day late fee then charged me $15 to process my payment!!!

(my payment was $30) I'm paying off this card & will advise everyone I know not to use Lenscraftes or GE Money.Lenscrafters should protect they're customers.

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well its been 0ver 2 years &

I make a payment every month but I didn't get it all paid within the 12 months

My husband and I both got glasses.

my total amount due is 0ver 900.00 so I will never do this again and we are needing new glasses but we are going to have to wait!


You have to make a payment each month other wise after 12 months they charge interest.so more money on top of what you owe at 19.9%


Well since when can you miss a payment on any credit card and not get a charge. Bills come in with payment due, that means pay them.


Dealing with GE can be complicated, especially if you have to return a pair of glasses.Lenscrafters will not answer any inquiries or follow up on your behalf; they refer you to GE directly.

They told me one year no money down, and said I would receive mail from them directly. When I finally insisted on a return after having trouble with focusing, Lenscrafters CSR told me I would have to pay GE directly and Lenscrafters would send me a cheque in the mail in two weeks.

When I received no word I contacted GE only to learn that their mail was returned because my apartment number wasn't included in the address, and the interest free period was six months instead of twelve, which meant I had to pay everything in full in two weeks to prevent interest charges.As Shakespeare says, "Neither a borrower or a lender be."

Also, never believe them when they say the frames can be adjusted once the lenses are put in; and never believe them when they say if you are not happy you have so many days to return your eyeglasses.


Needed glasses.Chose Lenscrafters because easy access, prices in line, and they were having a 50% sale.

Got 2 pair, bi-focal for distance, bi-focal for computer use. Signed upo for GE CC.

They gave me interest free 12 months, so I divided my bill by 12, went on line and set up 12 monthly payments that they take every month on the date I specified.I just look at the confirming e-mail every month and I have a nice day.


Ordered new frames from Lenscrafters...told 10 days to get in (wth they own Oakley why so long?) esp after paying $ 321 dollars.After the 12th day called them to find out where they were...said another 24 hours to know where they were.

Told them to cancel.

Looked on E-bay ...

same frames available for $ 124.95 delivered in 3 days.They were..as advertised.


Lenscrafters employees do not make any commission for signing you up for the credit line. It is available as a courtesy for customers.


These complaints should not even allow to be posted.No payments for 12 months?

Are you crazy or just plain ***? Maybe you don't know how to read. GE credit a rip off because you think that you didn't any payments for 12 months?

I can't believe how *** your complaint makes you look.It's just like watching the *** complainants seen on Judge Judy.


Make sure you give them the right address when you are buying the glasses.Double check that the correct address is there.

Many employees will tell you anything to get their spiffs Ask for all the info in writing They should have material for you at time of purchase.

Lenscrafters washes their hands of the whole thing after purchase.You are now dealing with GE Whatever the sales person told you and it is not written down is hearsay.


While I agree with everyone that No Interest doesn't mean No Payments, it's been two months for me and I haven't received anything..not the card, statement, anything.

AND in the meantime, they've charged me two late fees (finally got someone on the phone today and found this out - since Lenscrafters kept saying they wouldn't give me contact info until it had been over 2 months).

So now I STILL can't make any payments until they resend my card and statements AND dispute the late fees.what.the.***.

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