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I want a cracked lens replaced on my Lenscrafter glasses and was told that legally the business cannot replace a lens without a recent prescription of two years or less. My script is four years old.

I can see perfectly with these glasses. All I want is one lens replaced. Instead I will need to pay for a new exam, likely both lenses replaced and pressure to buy new frames. I intend to have a new prescription obtained in the future when I have the need, but right now I'm happy with these glasses, minus a cracked lens! But, it cannot happen according to Lenscrafter's policy. Over the years, I have spent thousands of dollars on prescription glasses for me and my family. They just lost our business!

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same crap with Walmart


See Chapter 18.195.030(2) RCW - Access to Vision Care Act

"Nothing contained in this title shall prevent a prescriber or optician from measuring the refractive power of eyeglass lenses and duplicating the eyeglass lenses upon the request of a patient."

In other words, you do not need a prescription to duplicate an existing eyeglass lenses no matter how old the prescription. This does not apply to contact lenses.


F Lenscrafters... buy glasses online.


Eyeglasses are DME. Durable Medical Equipment....

as such they have no expire date. Anyone telling you they "expire" is simply lacks knowledge of the subject.


In Oregon, Opticians cannot use an expired prescription

ORS 683.520: "Any dispensing optician may fabricate any ophthalmic lens in conformity with the signed prescription, or oral instruction followed by a written prescription, of any optometrist or person duly licensed to practice medicine in this state. Any dispensing optician may supply any ophthalmic lens in conformity with the prescription and the specified expiration date thereof."

Other states are like this as well.


Maybe you simply lack the knowledge. She never said the glasses expired, she said they told her the prescription expired!

And pending on the state you live in, yes, eyeglass prescriptions do expire and can not be filled after that date. Maybe you should brush up on the laws...



Maybe you should know the law in your state....in California, spectacle rx can expire in 2-4 years...


I had cataract surgery, so only the right eye changed. The doctor told me the left eye was so close to the old prescription that I need only replace the right lens.

Just so all you rule follows(sheeple) know, I see an ophthalmologist twice a year, or so. I also want to add that I used the same script for 20 years. Some people have stable eyes, some don't.

I went to My local Lenscrafters with my new script to get one lens. I went there because I got the old lenses there and thought they would have an easy time matching the coatings and such. But NO!

I was told it was against Lenscrafters policy to replace one lens. The salesman added that if they did replace one lens it would cost the same as two anyway. I said that's ridiculous I had surgery on one eye I only need one lens. He said he was sorry but that was the policy. I said if that's your policy I'll leave. Then he says he'll check with the manager. He comes back and says sorry they can't do it. Then he tries to sell me new glasses. I walked out!

SO lets recap. I had a new script. So the (It's the Law) argument doesn't work.

I had just seen the Doctor so it wasn't out of concern for my health that they refused to help me. The problem is greed. They wasted my time and the gas I burned getting there and back. Screw em !


Even I know better than to use a 'script' that is 4 years old. Seems like the original poster just does not give a darn about their health or well being.


@Jamie Randol: I hope you get glaucoma


You are a ***. If a doctor allows you to use the same RX without checking your eyes and something happens to your eyes, you could SUE him/her. The doctor is protecting his practice, R-TARD.


Lenscrafters bait and switch pricing on lenses today, cost them any future business from me. Quote was 210 0r 280 on the phone with up to 50% off then a much different story in person. Also the decision should be mine to re test or use my last perscription...imho


Well said Jane!


What the vast majority of the population fails to understand is that an eyeglass PRESCRIPTION is the same as any other prescription written out by an MD. I would like to see any one of you go into CVS pharmacy and try to fill an RX for vicodan that's expired.

Won't happen. There are multiple reasons for putting an expiration date on an eyeglass rx, just as there are many reasons for putting it on a pain medicine rx. It's not so that the government or the OD's can make more money. It's specifically to, number one, ensure that you are having the HEALTH of your eyes checked regularly (ya know, just in case you have a detached retina or glaucoma that you didn't know was there), and number two to make sure that the rx that's in front of your eyes is accurate and not too strong or too weak (thus causing damage to that one set of eyes that we receive) Try going to your MD and complaining that it's wrong for them to regulate the RX's that they write out.

IT'S THE SAME THING. Except if you decide not to go to the Dentist regularly, you may just need a few teeth pulled as a result of your poor decision, you decide not to go to the Optometrist, you may just lose an eye.

Funny that for many out there you have no qualms about going to designer clothing stores and/or jewelery stores and throwing down thousands but when it comes to your actual health, $60 is just "too much" to ensure you're not going to lose your sight. Seriously?


Seriously the point is that I don't need or want a government that tells me what I can and can't do. Next thing we know we won't be allowed to wipe our *** with toilet paper that is too old. We need freedom from the government, that it the point.

Now my story. I get my eyes checked by an optometrist every two years per his recommendation. I also see a retina specialist every 6 months because I had a retina issue related to the aging process and required laser surgery which corrected the problem, but I go for monitoring.

I did need a new prescription for my lenses last year and my visit was on August 17, 2012. I've been using the same frames since I first needed glasses 15 or so years ago. Well, this week my frames broke and of course the lenses in my existing glasses don't fit in the new frames. Now my prescription is one year and 13 days old and the friggin eyeglass store says they can't make new lenses because my prescription is expired. My eye doctor doesn't expect me to go for another exam for a year still.

Where has the common sense gone in our society?

I can afford to get another exam, I DON'T NEED ONE, yet my dear government who wants to rule every aspect of my life says I need a new prescription.



More like $160.


Can someone please show me the "law" that says in order to purchase new eye glasses I am required to take an eye exam? The DMV requires that you are tested every eight years unless you are between the ages of 24 and 72 and then you can renew your license by mail.

I walked in to lens crafters to buy a new pair of glasses for $150 and left spending almost 400. They were telling me I got a good deal because the lenses were 50% off. So it would have been $550. And, my "rare" slight, I might add, stigmatism caused me to have to wait for my $400 glasses instead of the promised hour.

So it will be three weeks now until I am able to wear my new glasses all because they said it is required by law once a year to have an eye exam when you purchase new frames. They really should be more honest about their pricing. I am very disappointed and I wish when business was bad for me I could just start adding mandatory fee's to my service that were required by law. I will continue to look into this and want to find out if it is a scam.

I am curious to know how much money was generated in the past few years by these eye glass companies for unnecessary exams. I have looked into a possible class action law suit and cant seem to find any judge that amended the law for vision centers in Illinois but forgot to look at the DMV


seems to me that to repair a broken lens shoul be my call and not the government telling me i need to have a new perscription every two years. why is my license to drive valid for eight years and my eyeglass scrip void after two and the holy than thou poster who says he does not want to be on the road with me can just stay home i guess


Hi I'm Holly w/ LensCrafters. I'm sorry you were unhappy with the service you received.

We are required by law to check the expiration date on your prescription before filling the order. Having an eye exam is not only important to help you see well but, to check for other health issues.

I apologize we could not help you without an exam.

If there is anything else we can do for you, or if you would like us to schedule an eye exam please contact us. 877-753-6727/iCare@LensCrafters.com


To the pinheads hiding behind "the law" - You are assuming the law is the same everywhere. In NY, Education Law, Article 144, section 7121, provides for the replacement or duplicates of eyeglasses and contact lenses without a prescription.

Under federal law, the Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act (15 U.S.C. 7603) and its implementing regulations (16 CFR 315.5), requires that a seller may sell contact lenses only in accordance with a contact lens prescription.

Therefore, in NY, it would be permissible to replace or duplicate eyeglasses, but not contact lenses, without a prescription. So know the law as it applies to your locality.