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My LensCrafters saleswoman tried to up-sell me numerous unnecessary lens treatments without disclosure. Her initial quote included a charge of $300 for the lenses alone, with no description of what that included. When I offered as how that price was absurd, she sort of shrugged her shoulders like a dispassionate teenager. It wasn't until I insisted on being shown a schedule of charges that I discovered her quote had included not only an upgraded lens material that I hadn't asked for but numerous special treatments, none of which would have been covered by my insurance. She said that the optometrist had "prescribed" treatments like glare protection and scratch-resistance. I then specifically said I wanted absolutely basic plastic lenses—the kind my insurance would pay for—at which time she presented me with a LensCrafters price schedule listing basic plastic lenses at $120.

Several weeks later I received a document from my insurance provider explaining what was covered and what wasn't and noticed a line item for "scratch protection coating" (a treatment I had specifically declined), charged at $20, of which I paid $15. The lenses themselves, the absolutely basic plastic kind I asked for, the ones that are covered by my insurance provider, were listed at just $100. Nice, LensCrafters. Enjoy that extra $20 you weaseled out of me, because your ethically challenged business practices guaranteed I'll never come back.

I always ask for a breakdown of charges when buying things like eyeglasses, but at LensCrafters even that kind of diligence doesn't save you from extra expense, because they apparently build superfluous charges right into their official price schedule.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Eyeglasses.

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Its called selling with transparency. Often greedy sales people in retail do not.

They will try to include as many add-ons and get you into a more expensive product. Their argument is that they feel you should have the best. Kind of like selling you a Mercedes when all you wanted was a Scooter. Take 'em back and talk to the store manager.

They will at least reduce the cost to zero out-of-pocket. If not return and buy online!


I agree about there being pushy sales people out there and companies ripping you off, but I don't understand why people keep going back. If you are so mad why not shop elsewhere. What ever happened to "Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me." I just wonder if any of these people ever go online and write good comments about the service they receive or if its only complaints.


Lenscrafters oes not sell uncoated plastic lens..... u can go to pearle vision they do sell it or prob a private brand. They prob don't sell it cause it would scratch very easy and wouldn't have UV.......why u wouldn't want UV protection is beyond me that is one reason y ppl have eye probs


Luxottica is a foreign company that owns

Sunglass Hut International, LensCrafters, OPSM, Laubman & Pank, Budget Eyewear, Bright Eyes, Pearle Opticians, Pearle Vision, Surfeyes, Sears Optical, Target Optical, BJ's Optical, Cole Vision Care, ICON, and ILORI. Can you say monoply!

Do you think that the Italian company gives a $%^&*( what you say? That are here in the US to rip off consumers and treat their employees as slave labor. If you don't hard sell you won't make any money - they will cut your hours back to 0. No kidding.

They won't fire you so that they don't have to pay unemployment. They are UNETHICAL with consumers and employees.


The Associates are written up if they do not meet the sales goals that the company had set. Average dollar of the sales, multiple pairs,anti-glsre costing etc .


There is no RULE that u can only change them ONE time - u can - if u want to abuse it - as many times as u wish within 90 - yes 90 days now !

Furthermore this is one reason why there prices are so high to cover this cost !!


this has happened to me and a couple other friends of mine. we were all charged for addons we never asked for (or more accurately in my case, things we specifically TOLD them we didn't want for our glasses)...

i am convinced this company pressures its employees to scam their customers. it happens to too many people everywhere, so it can't just be incidental.


I have given LC numerous chances. First I was lured in by the buy one pair of kids glasses get the second free, or something like that, it's been too long now, but I ended up spending hundreds of dollars more than I had planned and left with a bad taste in my mouth. But dutifully I returned the next year to have my daughters eyes re-checked. They said her prescription had changed and sent me out to pick new lenses while they finished up. There was no discussion, this was just the way things were. You had your eyes checked, you picked new glasses and paid. Period. The next year I was pretty hesitant to return but didn't know anyplace better to go so I tried them one last time. As usual, they said it was necessary to dilate her eyes and wanted to charge me the more expensive option of using the camera thing...whatever it is. I said no, you can dilate them the old fashioned way and we'll go get lunch while we wait. I explained that we were starving and I didn't want to be rushed to pick frames just because we wanted to be done so we could go eat. It was here that everything got weird. They really didn't want us to leave the store. It was *** and I finally saw how they were pitching their glasses. They push you from one place to the next and don't give you time to consider anything, this is the process, this is what happens, this is what you buy. Like a whole hypnosis and they know that the second you walk out of the store the spell will be broken. They insisted that we look at frames while her eyes dilated. I literally had to argue my case to leave the store for lunch. Even my daughter who was 8 at that time was starting to feel like this place was not right and we talked a little about it as we ate. When we went back in and they "Dr." continued to examine her, I was getting the sneaking suspision that they were working REALLY hard to make her say, "Yes this looks better than that". When all was done, the Dr. wrote up the prescription and started ushering me out to the lenses. I stopped and asked my daughter what she thought of the new prescription. She said she couldn't tell the difference.

You would think that my story ends there but nope, it gets better. Clearly I didn't buy glasses that day, nor did I ever take my daughter back to them. However, my husband who had been putting it off for years really needed glasses. He'd been unemployed for a year and a half and had finally gotten a job. He made a mistake due to his inability to read an invoice correctly which resulted in a pretty costly "Ooops". So we needed glasses, and NOW.......so back to TheftCrafters we went. Now I had the expectation of paying about $300. That was the going average of what I had paid per visit before. Oh no....seamless bifocals, scratch stuff wtf??? I don't even know what all they were charging us for....$650... and that was the scaled down version. And as I listened to this guy pitching the glasses, I heard words you don't pay attention to: "Most people adjust just fine to bifocals" Wait, did I just hear him say that? What that means is that we might be paying for all this and he might NOT adjust to bifocals? I've since learned that NO ONE wearing glasses for the first time should start with these, particularly the progressive ones the guy was trying to sell us. And as I sat in stunned astonishment I looked at the prescription. It said +1.25. I blinked. I thought. I said, "Honey, let's go talk about this and come back in a minute". This particular salesman looked pretty defeated when I asked if indeed the prescription was for READING GLASSES. I hadn't fully grasped the weight of what was going through my head yet. I said to my husband outside, "I swear I've seen that prescription on the $5.00 glasses at Michael's". After some discussion we decided that it was worth a shot. We went to a local drug store, he tried on an $8.00 pair of reading glasses in +1.25 and he was ecstatic. For another $10.00 we picked up a second pair as a back up and then he had two different looks to choose from. We went from $650 to $18. At no time did anyone say that all he needed was a cheep pair of reading glasses or that he didn't need permanent glasses. I was left to put the pieces of the puzzle together and they know that 9 out of 10 people are just going to listen to the "professionals" and do what they say.

This company is the biggest sham and rip off I have EVER had to deal with. Don't be fooled, don't even go in. Anyone who works there should be ashamed of themselves.


I love some of these consumer comments. They are truly hysterical.

And the one from LuxotticaUmbrella? Priceless! There is so much ill information in that post, its ridiculous. First, all of the lenses LC sells come with some level of scratch resistant coating.

Next, as an associate, I HATE the way insurance companies break down charges for lenses. It is very misleading. And that is the insurance company, not LensCrafters. When an insurance company selects an optical to be a provider, that provider has agreed to charge according to the insurance agreement, and any balance or upgrades paid by the customer.

That is your insurance, if you are unhappy with the insurance allowances, then that is with the insurance company, not Lenscrafters. I agree that there are some "pushy" salespeople within the organization. But there are in every industry. I would rather you rip my teeth out without novacaine then make me go buy a car.

That's pushy. And from an optician, anti-glare coating IS better for you. It helps improve your night vision by about 18-20%. Because all available light is able to enter your eye instead of some being reflected away from your eye by the lens surface.

Not a sales tatic, because I'm guessing you aren't buying any glasses from me...

:) But it is a fact. And there are different levels of anti-glare also just in case in the future you are interested in looking into it.


Rules and regulations vary from state to state.In several states opticians must be licensed, in others the person that changed your oil this week could be making your glasses next week. Ask your optician to see their license.

There a bills that are in DC to have 1 uniform program and Naional Accrediation study & optical training program that would ensure the highest training and yearly CEC courses that opticians would be required to do bofore they can make your glasses, call Washington DC & register you complaints. If you do not speak out the problems will always be there.

Change is good for everyone if you remain silent then you have no reason to blame anyone but yourself. If


Went to LensCrafters today for a pair of glasses for my 14 year old son. Pick out a great $200.00 frame and guessed that with such a nice Oakley frame that I would be in the $400-$450 price range.

NO DEAL...$656.00.

Are you kidding me! Just bought the same frames on eyeglasses4all.com for $122.00 and will find somewhere local for the lenses.


I went into lenscrafters and everyone seemed scared of losing their job if they didn't sell me the most expensive glasses. I felt pushed so I decided to go without glasses for a while


Lenscrafters will rip you off. I will never shop at lenscrafters again. All the good opticians are gone and seem to have been replaced by low paid part-time people who noclue except how to take you money.


i work for LC and heres my input its a lie to say that u turned ur head and the glasses just broke. If the temple wont bend put a little wd40 on it at least thats what the 'techie' should of done for u, but use ur head.

basic plastic or cr39 does not have scratch res. coating the back the lenses has been generated with ur prescription only poly lenses get his treatment afterwards and we dont charge extra either.

lab techs dont pass bad lenses to save costs if a tech passes bad lenses its to save their own money because it comes out of their share of commision, and looks bad for the labs statistics which the manager gets in trouble for. anyway a optician should always be final say if the optics are good.


Much of what has been written here is inaccurate. I am a leader in this organization.

We encourage our associates to sell the best product for the customers needs. Then to offer other options. Our best practice is to make sure we meet all of the needs of each customer. This will often include upgraded lenses.

If you indicate that you are looking for the least expensive options, I coach my associates to show you that lens, and the best for your needs as well. Luxottica has allowed us a great deal of flexibility in making the best decisions with our customers. One of our company beliefs is Add Customers: Delight every customer every time.

You can make some of the people happy all of the time, and all the people happy some of the time. Everyone makes mistakes, and some associates are not as good as others, however we strive to higher the best.


did you all know that Lenscrafters is owned by an umbrella company? Its called Luxottica.

Guess what stores they also own...Pearl, Sunglass Hut, Oakley, Bausch and Lomb contact lenses, Sunglass Icon, Ochialli da sole, Ilori, and optical centers at Sears, Target, JCPenney, and BJ's. They also own the insurance company that most of you use to shop at these locations, its called "Eyemed." So, yes they are receiving your insurance payment and then are receiving the payment you are charged in store for what your insurance (eyemed) does not cover. Guess what else...when you purchase lenses at say Pearl for half the price you would pay at Lenscrafters....the pearl employees simply take your order down to Lenscrafters and give it to their one hour lab where they use Lenscrafters lenses and employees to make your lenses. The same lenses that Lenscrafters customers are paying almost double the price for!

Sounds absurd huh? And I bet you thought you were an "informed" consumer. There is one positive...the customer service you get at lenscrafters is better than any you would receive at a private doctors office and at the same time Lenscrafters prices are about the same if not sometimes cheaper. Most doctors office will turn away complaints or will not even give an option to return glasses.

However, Lenscrafters being a public retail chain will give the customer whatever they want if they whine and complain enough. Now how does Lenscrafters justify their high prices when selling the same product for cheaper within its own company? Luxottica believes that Lenscrafters projects a certain image of luxury and pearl, sears, and target are for price minded shoppers. So they say shoppers are paying for experience more than anything else.

Now i know there are certain associates in certain stores which will push and push the highest end lenses on you but please keep in mind this is only their job and it is on the line if they do not meet a daily sales goal especially in this economy. However, you do not have to purchase the best lenses they are recommending just make sure to ask to see their lens price card they are required to show you this. At the same time, when they offer anti-glare and a scratch coating this stuff really does work. It is not a gimmick and that is my unbiased opinion.

I could care less if you get it or not. Also, the only basic plastic lenses that they sell do have a scratch coating because once again they are a luxury store. At the same time your insurance probably considers this coating a luxury purchase however plastic lenses would be *** without them. One last thing...how many times does your family doctor get it right the first time?

So, why would you expect your optometrist to be any better? Also, most optometrist offices use nurse techs to figure out your prescription and the optometrist just over sees all of this. So, when you get a pair of glasses and they don't work perfectly the first time you put them on do not throw a temper tantrum in the middle of the store. Be patient and calm.

Most of the time the associates will work with you to find out the problem and if your still not happy you can just return them within 30 days anyway so what are you so worried about? And yes you can return them within the 30 days no matter what the associate tells you...if they tell you different then ask for the customer service number. However, keep in mind you are only allowed to return one time on the original purchase so no you can't trade your glasses in every week for a month until you find a pair you like. Now I do not work for Lenscrafters or any of its affiliates and I really don't care if you shop there are not but at least be informed as to what you are embarking upon.

How I know all of this I will not disclose but you can find most of it on the internet, even on the Luxottica (not lenscrafters) website.

(www.luxottica.com). Hope you find this information useful.


we are forced to push *** on people they don't need or be faced with loss of hours or worse yet, the job. 10 years ago this was a completely different company, fast, reliable and reasonably priced.

now its just another over-priced retail rip-off. we see fewer and fewer customers every year while prices continue to rise. and forget about supporting italy or america, like walmart almost everything is made in china. sadly, there isnt much of a real choice left as they also own pearle, sears and target optical.

its become such an unethical place they actually still resell used frames as new when they can get away with it. employees hours are being cut to part time with part time benefits, knowledgeable opticians are being replaced by 'sales experts' and lab employees are being forced to pass scratched, off-power lenses in order to save costs and support the bottom line. so many good people have left in the last year, as have i.

my integrity took a hit and i apologize to everyone encouraged by me or my staff to buy more glasses than they need or can afford. lenses that cost $80 a pair can't justifiably be sold at $750.


Hate u tell u " know it alls " but u said it yourself - buy at target right ?

Well target is lux which is Lenscrafters and they all get them from the same labs !

Also - u r totally wrong about basic plastic uncoated !! They do not offer these what so ever !! U R WRONG - so wrong

uncoated cr39 - what a joke !

I am there part time and in a private office as well - and I sell the same exact things at both - varilux in cr39 - poly - and 1.67 and 1.74

including all designs and let me tell u since everyone at LC gets a discount 25-30% min our prices are the same if not a bit higher at tge private office and guess what no nutty @ bring ur glasses back if u don't like them *** ! U buy them there yours !

Now granted they r no walmart ! Only those that support china and there way they treat there people and Americans that don't care only want the cheapest price goes there

I feel much better about paying folks in itlay then chinese governent !

Yet u fools don't care ! Shame on u !


I can understand that you are upset about the extra charges that they tried to tack on. But, just to add a perspective, what eyechic said is 100% true.

Our store (not LC, but an affiliated company) sells the highest volume of glasses. Our customer base is mostly people on welfare, we make every accommodation for them to try to get the cheapest glasses we can for them, because we are working people who are squeezing our dollars too.

And we catch a lot of grief from it from our corporate office. Due to our low sales, they have cut our hours to the point we cannot even function with the hours they gave us. They track our statistics to see how much random bs extras we sell. The reduced our commission so if we don't make plan, we get barely anything, its not even worth selling. And its impossible to make plan if all you sell is basic plastic lenses. (And just a factoid, "Basic Plastic" in our computers includes the scratch guard.) They tell our managers to "keep recruiting people" so they can fire the people who don't sell you anti glare and the extras and get new people in that don't care what you want.

I, personally, got my pay cut 5% because my % of selling the little extra random bs was low (when I was part time, furthermore.) Get a new job? Where? Have you seen the economy? I'm lucky I have one.

Shady, yeah. But she was doing her job. They tell us to tell you you need poly and you need anti glare and you need the year supply of contacts with an extra two pair of glasses.

Have a little compassion. We get enough *** from our corporate bosses.


:roll I too worked for years at LC. It was a great company for associates, customers and share holders at that time.

However, in the past 6 to 7 years...things have went down hill fast. The all mighty dollar is the only concern. In fact, the high pressure sales tactics are preached like a cult sermon and employees are threatened and "weeded out" if they don't produce. I was told by a Regional Director that we needed selling experts, not optical experts.

At that point, I left for a new job, after all I was an optical expert and apparently not necessary.

My customers still see around town and beg me to return to LC. NOT for all the money that Luxottica has in the bank!