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Wife & I needed new reading glasses. Went into LensCrafters, QueensCenter Mall, NY. Had eye examine by their "captive" doctor. He told me I could use a mild distance lens - I said "No thanks".

Passed us to the frame people. Over the next 5 (yes 5) hours they gave us the high pressure sale on "Superior Progressive" lens. Wife said yes. I said no.

Picked up my glasses and tried to use them for one week. No good. Went back to store doctor - was told that the "distance" prescription was used in the glasses, rather than the reading prescription. (oops!) Asked that this be fixed. Store manager made me wait for 45 minutes - moving me from chair to chair, then sat down and started to give me the "Superior Progressive" sales pitch again. I told him I wanted reading and only reading glasses as I orginally ordered. He told me that the mistake was mine, that I had not been clear about what I wanted.... Blame the customer. Great. Asked if I would be willing to pay another $100 to fix their mistake. Told him no (stongly). Will now take 2 weeks to prepare glasses - sign outside says glasses in an hour.

These people deserve to be investigated by the Attorney General. Bad enough that they are conspiring with their doctors in mal-practice. Can't they be happy with their huge markup on the frames they sell? Pushing people into $500 worth of "Progressive" lens when uneeded and of highly questionable untility borders on fraud. AVOID THIS CHAIN.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Eyeglasses.

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Went to Lensdcraters in ABILENE,TEXAS where I have been going for about 10 years. Just got 2 pairs of glasses 2 years ago and cost me almost 400.00.

My lenses were scratched really bad and use one pair for computer and one for everything else. With bifocals. I just wanted to have lenses made for both pair as my frames were real sturdy and real good. They did not want to make new lenses for my frames.

They told me it was going to cost 290.00 for on pair of lenses.. Then they said they could sell me a pair of frames with new lenses for 185 dollars a pair. I came home with frames that are not as sturdy as the ones I have. The ones I have have no scratches and there is nothing wrong with my old ones.

I am on social security disability and could not afford the 420.00 it cost for the 2 pair.

They really could have worked with me had they wanted to.. won't use them again!!!!!