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Just found out that the lenses in the $400 glasses I purchased 6 months ago are not only overpriced, but they were unbeveled. I took them into a Bay Optical to have a lens screwed back in.

The technician explained that the lenses kept falling out because they were not made properly. So the Lenscrafter price guarantee is very simple: we will quote you an outrageous amount that's more than double your cost elsewhere and we will stick to that quote, but don't expect any kind of quality out of us.

Got that? And they'll live by it.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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But you did get the LC price guarantee right.



Where are you getting these facts?

Yes, the machine traces the frame. However, we can then edit the trace if needed.

In most cases, the OLDER CHEAPER machinery (like what is in most LC stores) requires the "tech" to place the bevel. In other words, the tech has EVERY control over how the lenses are cut.

I'm not sure what this person meant by unbeveled. If they were truly not beveled, the edges of the lens would be completely flat (as seen in rimless frames) and would fall straight through the eyewire, never holding securely in the frame for a moment. More likely the bevel is moved too far forward or back so that the peak of the bevel isn't seen...but I'm sure it exists. Especially on these really thin, light lenses sometimes the bevel is more of a /| than /\ because the lens isn't thick enough to catch the other side of the bevel. That's not a sign of bad work.

If you think a problem truly exists, I do urge you to take them back to LC and at least let them have a chance to check it out and make it right. Sounds to me like the optician who said the bevel is "missing" doesn't know what they are talking about (or at least failed miserably in using the proper wording).


MISSING bevel??? Did you even go back to the store to inquire about that?

If you were to go into Lenscrafters and they made a mistake by not putting a bevel on your lenses they will make you new lenses for FREE. Most lenses that are manufactured by Lenscrafters is all automated now, so if the lenses are too small for the frame it's probably due to a bad tracing of the frame by one of the machines. After the trace the tech has no control of how the lenses are cut.

The automated machine also puts the bevel on the lens, so it's not likely that the bevel is missing. Go back to Lenscrafters and give them an opportunity to fix the mistake.