Vancouver, British Columbia
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I paid $390.00 cash last week as my portion of the bill for glasses, Blue Cross paid the balance. Today I went to pick them up, and they were quickly and carelessly made, with the lenses apparently attached to the back of the frame instead of set in.

They looked way thicker than my present ones, despite paying a premium for thinner lenses. I refused to take them and asked for my money back as per their guarantee.

They would not refund cash despite the fact that they were happy to take last week, no matter how I reasoned with them.

They tell me I have to wait 2 weeks for a cheque from their office somewhere.

Monetary Loss: $390.

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lux owns pearle and lc and sgh and so on and so on. check out for the proof.

*** thing to argue about. and to the defective lenses... they have now been completely re-called and new product has been installed in every store.

this was brought into compliance over a year ago. just because something has the same name doesnt mean that it's exactly the same thing...


to #5- the transition style in house is made by the same vendor as before, but the vendor had a few bad batches/lots and they cannot contact everybody who may have that bad lot. They will replace for free if your lens is bad.

to #6- LensCrafters doesn't own Pearle Vision. Luxottica owns both LensCrafters and Pearle Vision, but some Pearle Visions are franchised in some cities.


I'm not surprised that they would not return your money right there. The simple reason being that they would not keep that kind of cash on the premises. It is not often that people pay in cash for their purchase in optical stores, so there is rarely much cash in their drawers.


Many corporate stores have a policy of not returning Cash if that was the method of payment. In those cases, a corporate check it sent to you. Unfortunately, this is the case.


Actually, Luxottica owns BOTH Pearlevision and Lenscrafters, along with Sears Optical, Target Optical, Sunglass Hut (SGH) and Sole Mio.


Lenscrafters does NOT own Pearle Vision.


Hey don't feel bad / They sold me a pair of defective transition lens/ they still stock them and they are still selling them/ they only will replace them if you return to the store/ no refund/ accept they replaced with the same lens / which I found out are still defective/ I can't understand why they domn't just take these lens off the floor and sell a better lens/


Hey/ Lenscrafters owns Pearle