Overland Park, Kansas

Two weeks ago, on Halloween, I ordered two pairs of glasses from LensCrafters @ Oak Park Mall in Overland Park, KS. One was a regular pair of glasses, the second one was sunglasses.

They were due in/"promised" 11/10; on that date, I called to see if they had arrived. The sunglasses were there but the other pair did not meet their "inspection standard" and were not available. I was told then that pair has been placed on "rush delivery", but not told what "rush delivery" actually means. I told the employee I expected them by Friday or I would cancel my order.

On Friday, I received a call from a LensCrafters employees stating the glasses would arrive on Monday, 11/15/10. OK, what was a couple of days and surprisingly, someone called to tell me of the delay. Imagine that? Well, as you might expect, here it is the 15th and of course, the glasses are still not in.

When I called to check on them tonight, this employee didn't have any idea when they might arrive (no ETA in his words). So what's up with this? Do they have such a lousy product the glasses can't even pass the initial inspection and that's why I was encouraged to buy the extra one-year service plan because they likely won't hold up? What's with not notifying customers of delay when glasses don't arrive on the date they are "promised" to the customer?

LensCrafts received nearly $600.00 from me and yet I've received nothing from them including no customer service or follow up to their shallow "satisfaction guaranteed". Will I ever buy glasses from them again--never say never I've learned--but I likely won't shop if I don't have to and certainly wouldn't recommend them to anyone who wants their glasses within a reasonable amount of time. I'm sorry I already wasted two weeks waiting on them.

LensCrafters apparently does nothing to guarantee good customer service/satisfaction so steer clear of this business and take your business elsewhere. I wish I had.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Customer Care.

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I am not a big LensCrafter's fan, but I will say this. They double check everything, and if it doesn't meet their specs, they will redo it until it is right.

In my time with them, I have not had a single lens that was not made correctly (sometimes a defect later, but not at dispense). This of course is a huge hindrance if you special ordered the lens, because it needs to be reordered.

Call 1-877-753-6727 and issue your complaint there, there is a good chance they will refund your money AND give you the glasses when they come in.


Lenscrafters caught me once and I will never set foot in that place again. Nice signs and words about how they stand behind their work but they are all lies. I wear complicated glasses with prisms involved but they sure know how to charge for them. I also have progressive lenses. So between those two things and the optomestrists very possibly poorly taken PD, I ended up with glasses that kept me in pain until I could afford to go elsewere and start again. I tried them and then their head office and no one would do a *** thing to fix the obviously incorrect glasses they made.

And they lied about things such as saying they were going to give me Varilux lenses which I depend on. Well turns out they sell their own progressive lens and it is considerably different. I am sure they don't use first line anything and that coupled with no service and bad manufacturing has cured me of that company forever. Haven't met anyone who has ever gone back twice.

Stay out of malls. :(


Hi! I'm Holly w/ LensCrafters.

I apologize you have been given so many different dates, and you were not provided a new ETA. I would be happy to investigate this further and see how I can help you. If you could call/email with your name I will gladly call the store and find out what is taking so long with the glasses. I will also work on getting a date of arrival.

Our phone number is 877-753-6727 Option 6 (You can ask for me or anyone can assist you). Or you may e-mail me directly at iCare@LensCrafters.com