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Update by user May 07, 2012

Holly. Thanks for the message. I am glad that this turns out to be hopefully a bad apple case, as I said I, have been going to Lenscrafters for 20 years. I find that the Milwaukee Store is right up to par and that is why I could not understand why this happened Here in West Palm Beach.

I think on the constructive side, that all your sales personal tried to be helpful but throughout the experience I believe I spoke with five different sales associates and the thread of communication did not work, so they did not know how to help me even if they wanted to. The Eye doctor did not help the situation and I don’t hold Lenscrafters responsible for his actions, but he certainly is not helpful to your image. Eyeglass sales are a very competitive business you don’t nee a bad apple in the barrel. I will post this on Pissed Consumer site so that others can see the constrictive side of Lenscrafters.

not so mad michael

Update by user May 07, 2012

After a long talk with one of the sales persons, at Lenscrafters who knew the whole story, she suggested I go and see another eye Dr.  

I did, and paid for another exam. The outcome was very different then the one from the LC Dr.

I know the eye Dr. is independent from LC.  

I ordered new lenses from Vision Source the new eye glass store. The new glasses came in and I could see again. I went back to LC and the manager, Vicki was very helpful and gave me a full refund. Had she not been on vacation durning part of this problem I am sure things would have been very different. She is an excellent example of how customer relations should work. I have been going to LC for twenty years,

I don’t know why this happened. 

I got a lot of support from other LC employs across America and the situation was settled to the satisfaction of all concerned. Except I will from now on go to the new eye Dr.  

In summationn, I thought that my vision was going down the drain and it got worse and worse until I tried on the old pare of glasses at that point I knew that is was the glasses and not my eyes. I do think that Bascom & Palmer would have figured it out and not have scheduled an operation. I got the new glasses at the end of April. This all started at the end of December.

Original review posted by user Apr 06, 2012

Danger, Lenscrafters is very dangerous. You must be very careful when ordering glasses from Lenscrafters! This is an organization that will not accept any responsibility for there errors. The employes who work there are experts at finger pointing at each other let alone the at the Doctors of Optometry that are attached to the store but are not a part of the official Lenscrafters store. The doctors are independent of the store, yet the employees of Lenscrafters are very willing to point the finger of blame at the doctors.

Here is what happened. Once a year I go into Lenscrafters for an eye exam. I have been doing this for over twenty years. I started going to the Lenscrafters in Milwaukee; and when we moved to Palm Beach several years ago, I continued to use Lenscrafters

in West Palm Beach Florida, at 1900 Okeechobee Blvd The whole idea was, that as an organization that has the ability to retrieve records from any location, there could be some semblance of continuity between the stores.

I went in for an eye exam on Jan 20, 2012. I was seen by Dr. Michael Nason O.D.

I was informed that I now had minor cataracts and there was a slight change in the prescription. So I went in to the LensCrafter store and ordered the new lenses. I wanted to hold off on getting new sunglasses until I was satisfied with the prescription. About a week later, I was informed that the lenses were in and I could come in and pick them up. At that time, I ordered some very expensive Ray Ban Sun glasses. Also at that time, I was convinced that a progressive lens would be best for me. I said fine and they were ordered.

When I got the new regular glasses, not the sun glasses, I thought that my sight had, in fact, declined to a point that I needed to go to the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Palm Beach Gardens to see if I did in fact need eye surgery. I saw Dr. George Fortun and was examined at length. They said that no, I did not need surgery at this time, but maybe in a few years I would need some surgery to correct some floating cataracts, but not at this time.

I then went back to Lenscrafters and picked up the new sunglasses. At that time I complained that I thought something was very wrong with the clear glasses. I was told that it would just take time for my eyes to adjust to the new prescription. I put on the new Ray Bans for the ride home. It WAS A GOOD thing that I had My old sunglasses because I could not read road signs or see other traffic.

I went back to Lenscrafters and told them I could not see out of the new RayBans. The employee said some people just could not get use to progressive lenses and they would change them for me. At that time I complained again that I was not seeing that well with the new clear glasses. Again I was told that it was just my eyes getting use to the new lenses. About a week later the New RayBans, with regular bifocal came in and I could pick them up. I did and this convinced me that I needed corrective eye surgery right away as I could not see clearly with any of the new glasses.

I called Bascom Palmer Eye Institute and tried to schedule and appointment to set up an eye exam to schedule surgery. I could not get in to make an appointment until April 30. and was told that it would take some time to get on the surgery schedule. I am leaving to go North on May 11th so I decided to have the surgery done there.

That evening in an effort to watch television, I thought I would try one of my older pair glasses. I just about fell off my chair when I could see the TV very clearly. What was going on? My old glasses worked much better than the new ones.

I went back to Lenscrafters and asked to have my eyes reexamanded. When asked why , I told them that I just could not see with any of the new glasses. The sales women said that I had to fill out some paperwork and she had to check the new glasses against the new prescription. That took a long time. I then made an appointment with Dr. Nason.O.D. for that friday.

When I arrived for the 11 AM appointment, the doctor's assistant informed me that Lenscrafters would have to re-examin my glasses even my old ones, that were also from Lenscrafters. I told them that this had already been done two days ago so that I could make the appointment. I was informed that this was the procedure and could not be deviated from. So my wife and I sat there for the better part of an hour. The manager of the Lenscrafters store finally came over to us and, GET THIS, informed me that there were a number of prisms that had been left out of the lenses, somehow they had been left out of the prescription. I asked, "How is that possible?" I have been getting my glasses from them for 20 years. The answer will stun you! " We are only human, we all make mistakes." They would have to remake all the glasses again. I tried to tell them that I almost had eye surgery because of this mistake. They were sorry but it does happen!

I got the clear glasses right away with the prisms and it was better. A week later the New Ray Bans came in and once again I was in the Lenscrafters store and the sales woman gave me the new sunglasses and asked me how they were?

I told her that I could not see out of the left eye, I could not focus on anything. She said that it might take a while. I told her that I was not falling for that old phrase again. She took the now third pair of RayBans and checked them. You guessed it. She informed me that they were defective, the prisms were in the wrong place in the left lens. They

would have to remake the lenses. This would make the fourth pare of lenses, of course the first two would not have worked because of the total lack of prisms.

I am still waiting for the New Ray Bans and it is now April 6th.

To sum it up be careful. I got the wrong diagnoses from the Dr. So the prisms were left out of two pare of glasses, I almost had eye surgery because of it, and the prisms were incorrectly placed on the third set of RayBans. Glasses in about an hour, I don't think so. You should think twice about going to this store. Not all LensCrafters stores are the same.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Manager.

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Usually a very bored, lonely person with no friends.


I am not trolling, but apparently Michael blamed Target for stealing a pair of sunglasses and a cell phone from someone else.


Hi I'm Holly with LensCrafters Customer Care. I am very sorry you had so many problems with your prescription and your glasses.

I am glad to hear you were able to receive a refund, and your corrected glasses from another retailer. Our main concern is that you see your very best.

Please let me know if there is anything else we can do to assist you with this issue in the future. You may contact our Customer Care team at the corporate office at 877-753-6727 or by email at icare@LensCrafters.com.

Mad Michael

Anon Thanks, I find this site very useful don't pay any attention to this troller. I don' even read his posts.


Regardless of whatever happened at Target, Michael was having an optical issue. I'm pretty sure nothing you added had anything to do with optics, probably because you don't know anything about it. I would agree you're just trolling.


If you read his other posts you would know that your "boyfriend" has issues.


And the runaround he got with both the optometrist and LC is related to whatever he may have done at Target how? He had a problem with his glasses.

Instead of taking responsibility and finding a solution to fix it, the associates and the doctor tried to brush him off and not help him. If something is wrong with glasses he purchased, it shoud not take three months or more to solve the problem.

I have not read his other posts, but from what I have read here they are not related. From my point of view, you are trying to stir something up.



Before calling me a troll you should go read his other review where he was acting like a spoiled brat at Target.

Mad Michael

ds; I don’t know if you read the hole thread, but I will try and clear up what I can. After my eye exam the first time at LC they suggested that I go to a different eye clinic for the cataract and macular problem.

I went to Bascom &Palmer Eye Institute. At Bascom & Palmer the Dr,s that see you for cataracts and macular problems are a very different department from the Dr’s that would test your eyes for a new glass prescription.

As far as I knew at that point I had the right new prescription from LC.

This was in December. When I got my new Glasses from LC I told them that I could not see very clearly. They told me that it would take time for my eyes to adjust to the new lenses.

When my eyes did not adjust to the new glasses I asked for a new exam, thinking that some mistake had been made, the Dr, refused, but LC sales told me that prisms had been left out of the glasses and they would remake the lenses. When they came in I still could not see clearly.

At that point I thought that maybe I should try to get another appointment with a Dr. at Bascom & Palmer and maybe try to take care of the macular and cataract problem.

I had at time committed my self to having an operation if it was necessary as we are driving North in May and I need my vision for that.

I could not get an appointment until after we were scheduled to go North.

I went back to LC by now March. They looked at my new glasses and told me that the prisms had been put in the wrong place and they would replace the lenses.

I went home with one pare of the new glasses. I could not even see the TV, so just for the fun of it, I took out a pare of OLD glasses put them on and I could almost see perfectly.

It was at that point that I knew that it was not my eyes, but the new glasses from LC.

I went back to LC and this time they did schedule a new appointment with the eye Dr.

He told me that he did not put any prisms in my script. He told me that it was LC that had made the mistake and marched me into the retail part of the store. He would not do another exam. I told him that I was not an eye Doctor and I did not make the glasses. He told me that that was my problem.

After a long talk with one of the sales persons, who knew the story she suggested I go and see another eye Dr.

I did and paid for another exam. It was very different then the one from the LC Dr.I know the eye Dr. is independent from LC.

I ordered new lenses. The new glasses came in and I could see again. U went back to LC and manager Vicki was very helpful and gave me a full refund. Had she not been on vacation durning part of this problem I am sure things would have been very different. She is an excellent example of how customer relations should work. I have been going to LC for twenty years, I don’t know why this happened.

ds, I got a lot of support from other LC employs across America and the situation was settled to the satisfaction of all concerned. Except I will from now on go to the new eye Dr.

In summation and as an answer to your question, I thought that my vision was going down the drain and it got worse and worse until I tried on the old pare of glasses at that point I knew that is was the glasses and not my eyes. I do think that Bascom & Palmer would have figured it out. I got the new glasses at the end of April.


So wait... the surgery specialist said you wouldn't need surgery for "a few years" yet you went ahead and almost scheduled it anyway?

And this is LC's fault how, exactly?

I'm not denying they messed up. But they didn't cause you to "almost have surgery" - you did all that on your own.


:eek :eek :eek :eek


Just ignore Ethan. Trolls don't need to be fed here.

Michael, glad I could be of some help, and I am glad you were able to get things straightened out at LC in a way that made you happy. (:


Like I said it is not too hard to get an appointment with your doctor to have your head examined. Do the people who are supporting you know you and your wife and friend behaved like a five year old in Target?

Mad Michael

Jedi Knight Ethan : You are some kind of a plague on this site. You should move to China, where opinion is not allowed.

I do want to thank you, keep up the good work you are the best advocate to show just what a *** you are.

For me, Jedi Knight Ethan

I say Good Night.

Mad Michael


Now that you got a doctor to take care of this problem. Next work on a doctor to take care of your psychological issues.

Mad Michael


I told you that I would give you an update. I did go to another Optometrist. Dr. April Jasper. what a difference. I did need a different proscription and a change of lenses.

After I got the new lenses I took the Lenscrafters lenses back to LC. I was very grateful to see that the manager Venus was back from vacation. I told her what the other employee had told me to do, that was to go see another Dr. I did and the script was very different. I gave her the LC lenses and she apologized for all the run around, since Dec. of 11. We talked about her vacation and she gave me a full refund for the lenses.

I told her that I was grateful for all her help.

To sum it all up, I think the Dr. was dead wrong in every manor. I will never go back to see him and since LC knows the story now, I think that it is up to them to let him know how bad the situation almost got. Thank you for all your help, I see that I got to the wright person. Mad Michael

Mad Michael

Alyssa, Thank you I can see clearly that you are someone that I would have loved to have run into at LC. I will let you know what the result is. mad mike


Mike, glad to hear you finally found a doctor who will take care of you!

I am not sure why the locations have an independant doctor. VERY few locations have doctors employed directly by LC themselves. I do know of doctors in the area who are too proud to admit the prescription they gave may need to be tweaked. I just finished dealing with this issue at another location (the rx they were given wasn't working, they saw that doctor several times at another location, moved, came here, agreed to see our doctor, and WOAH! the rx was different and their glasses now work for them).

Is the general manager back from vacation? I would deal with that person since they are the highest in the store. If not, (and I say this because it is usually a way to get results most times but CAN be and HAS been abused by some people), call the corporate number if things don't get fixed.

Mad Michael

Aly & Alyssa. As a fallow up to this sad drama.

I did find another eye doctor. What a difference! The name of the new business is Advanced Eye care Specialists, the Doctor is April Lov Jasper O.D. She was a true professional,

I did not tell her at first what had happened until after the exam, then she listened very carefully. Her exam was very different then LCs. Alyssa this doctor did her internship at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, she was very thorough. I had to get new lenses to the tune of just short of $900.00.

Aly, as to your comment on the Dr. At Lens Crafters. It is now clear that his prescription was faulty, but where did the prism issue come from? The Dr. did not have them on the script LC some how put them in.

As you can see the system, that being the Dr. is separate from the store, makes solving any potential problems almost impossible.

The store can point to the Dr. as the problem and the Dr. can point to the store as the problem.

For my money, I think that is why the set up is as it is.

So far I have been trying to get this settled since last December, when I had my first eye exam at LC. So now the 90 days has passed, all this because the Dr, at LC would not do the exam again.

Alyssa I am going to go back to LC and try to get a refund now that I know the glasses were not in fact correct.

Do I think I will prevail in getting a refund?

Not a chance, because the finger pointing will just go on. My credit card has already payed LC, the delay game made sure of that. I am out almost a thousand dollars.

Do I want to start a lawsuit?

I don’t think so, it would cost more then it is worth. How does one prove that there is planned incompetence and a built in defense system at LC to protect there incompetence.

Alyssa, maybe since you work for LC might be able to share some suggestion as how to handle this situation. I would be very grateful.

In a week I will have new lenses and until then I am waring the glasses that I have had for over seven years.

My warning to the consumer still stands. Buyer Be aware of this store and Dr.

Mad Mike

Mad Michael

Aly. You are completely right, This narrative does sound awfully dramatic.

I would much rather be writing a a different story, who needs this kind of service.

I will find a new Dr. and let you know how that works out, mad mike