Reston, Virginia

would not replace lens that the coating was comming off since prescription was two yrs old, what does prescription have to do with faulty lens ???? i wont shop again at lenscrafters the first time the lens film came off was repaired with not problem now they wont fix the glasses are transition progressive lens in versace frames not cheap .

was obivious they wanted to sell another eye exam and new lens and frames.

six months ago when film came off they said they got fautly lens in and would fix with right away now they cant be bothered well i cant be bothered with lenscrafters .....

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My Lenscrafter's lens - I have experienced that same problem with my lens. They will not repair the lens because my glass prescription is over two years old. The sales person admitted that the lens were defective and that Lenscrafter's would allow an addtional "unwritten" two year warranty.


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They may be calling you then and you can ignore their calls and see how they like it. Trust me I had my husband do this on something he purchased on TV and they did the same thing to him.


I think the issue you are all missing is that the product is faulty to begin with. The coatings should not come off in the first place. They should certainly last more than 2 years.

BTW, LensCrafter's new warranty (if one can call it a warranty) states that they will replace a defective frame for 1/2 the original cost during the first year. Notice..... not replace for free but replace for 1/2 the original cost. Some warranty huh?

After reading the many complaints here. I think this is a company begging to be turned over to the state Attorney General's office in every state in which they do business.


It's important to have your examined every year. If your prescription is expires, which is what it sounds like in this case, then Lenscrafters is following the law in not replacing the lens.

You can't expect that the lens will last forever. Obviously it is outside of it's warranty period.

You can put new lenses in your current Versace frames, but you need a new spectacle prescription.


Is your rx expired ?

If the rx is expired - and the od/md states that they are not allowed to use it -

it is really beyond them -

they do do not set these xpiration dates

as for the lens issue - i am not saying that they should not stand behind the product - but at 2 YEARS - ( SOUNDS LIKE ) from the ORGINAL PURCHASE ) _ - they really should not have to -

DO U HONESTLY - think - that the warrentee RESETs every time the replace them ?

I had a mattress - that had a 10 yr war. on it - the manufacturer did replace it at 8 yrs - however - it does not reset for another 10 yrs - and i was stuck buying a new one - 3 years later - (( year number 11) - and it was a sterns and foster that i paid 5 K ( GRAND ) for

LASTLY - by year #2 - you should have a new exam - and new rx - by now - ?

I hope you don't think they should update your rx for free to ?

personally - i think they should maybe give you a LITTLE somethng extra off the new pr - maybe 25 bucks or something -

however - you state the vesace frames - ( that has nothing to do with the issue - so the cost for those should not even be brought into it ) -