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I bought flex frames a little over 2 years ago.

So, if the frames are MEANT to bend and take punishment, WHY did one of the joints break?

I went back to Lenscrafters in East Brunswick, New Jersey 2 weeks ago to discuss my options.

The answer was, not only are they out of warranty, but this style frame is discontinued.

They offered NO options - not even to fix them.

I explained that the frames and lenses cost me $500 2 years ago so I asked that they pop out the lenses and put them in different frames.

"No sir, we can't do that because your lenses are specially made for those frames."

Oh, so you never heard of grinding down lenses?

I just dont get it.

You can be sure I'll never go there again.

And I will pass the word to family and friends.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Eyeglasses.

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Why does everybody think that someone owes them something just because they are a patron? No one owes you for wearing a frame, nothing is indestructable! And if you think that it is then YOU are the loser and not Lenscrafters


Let's see i drive my car every freakin day for two years and my warrenty ran out at 12,000 miles so when i drove my car without checking the oil then that means that Lexus owes me a new one... oh wait got another, um i've been wearing the same old sweatshirt for two years and then i finally washed it and the threads unravelled and now Aeropostale won't replace it...

and they've changed styles too... boo hoo you whiner!


Do you see how nobody is siding with you on this issue? I am a board certified optician with many years of experience in this field.

Flexon frames are not invincible. No frames are; especially after two years. Most eyeglass frames are replaced every one to two years. Additionally, most companies change their frame selection constantly to keep up with fashion demand and trends.

Therefore, the chances of finding the exact same frame at a retailer after 2 years is slim to none. I can't speak for the manner in which LensCrafters communicated the information to you, but the information itself was indeed 100% accurate. Lenscrafters offers a complimentary replacement plan of 50% off for a period of one year to cover breakage or damage. They don't charge the patient for this service.

It is simply a courtesy. Further, they don't stock replacement temples for the frames they sell. The inventory would be way out of control. If you came back within the warranty period and they no longer carried the frame, they would first try to locate it at another store (as a courtesy).

If they were unable to locate the identical frame, they would have offered another frame of your choice at 50% off and cut the lenses for free(as a courtesy). However, 2 years from the purchase date, you were out of luck. As for the previous comment about cutting your existing lenses to fit another frame, the above post was right on the money. So cry and whine about LensCrafters all you want.

You'll find the same will be true anywhere you go. Good luck.


i agree with the ''optician' and ridiculous'

and unfortunately anything over 1 year past your purchase date, the store isnt required to offer anything

if you get 2 years out of a pair of glasses you have gotten your moneys worth, anything beyond that is fluff... after two years your prescription is most likely expired as well..


Take some responsibility for yourself. If you left the store unhappyit sounds like it was not because you were mistreated but in fact becauseyou had no cheap resolution for your own mishandling of the glasses


You know what I don't get? ANY other place would tell you too bad this is your problem and don't even offer warrenties!

But when someone is kind enough to help you out and do something like that it just not good enough. Why don't you think about that?


You tell lenscrafters did such a poor job with customer service. They can't grind your lens for the previous post reasons.

You ran out of your warranty. Glasses manufactures sell different frame style every couple months with new styles. I dont see how you expect them to do this after two years. YOu need to realize that you need an exam every one to two years.

You will also need new glasses every once in a while too. It isn't lenscrafters responsibility to give you a number of their competitor because you refuse to meet them half way. You people crack me up. You need to work in this business.

I see so many dumb people that think they know everything about glasses and eyes. I know alot more. If you work with the manager and maybe were alittle nicer they could have given you half off like we do. Grow up and buy new frames and lens.

They don't last forever.

You broke them. Not their responsibility to watch over your glasses for more than two years later.


If you're an "optican", I suspect you meant "optician". Judging by your atrocious spelling and sentence structure, I'm sure you weren't exactly first in your class - but that's why you work for a optical store and not for yourself.

With that said, the manager of Lenscrafters COULD have offered some kind of resolution.

Instead, her reaction was dismissive, bordering on rude. I don't think it is good customer service to let someone who has spent hundreds of dollars leave the store unhappy.

The follow-up to this story is that I received an e-mail from Lenscrafters customer service department giving me the 800 number of a place where I can purchase frame parts.


Too bad they didn't tell me WHO was going to take remove the lenses from my old frames into the new.

In conclusion, Lenscrafters should weigh what it costs them in advertising fees attracting new customers versus keeping happy the old repeat customers who bring in more business through word of mouth.

They just don't get it...



First of all, the optican was correct. Lenses can't be ground down into another frame.

There are many measurments that are done and if you cut them down to be put into another frame, you will throw off the optical center, the pd will be off and the seg height would be wrong and you would not be able to see correctly out of the lenses. I'm sure you would be even more upset then. Second, you said you purchased your glasses a little over 2 years ago!!!! That means you paid less than 68 cents a day to use them.

considering they are on your face all day long and I'm sure they bent and took some punishment from wearing them. They are not "unbreakable" what in this world is?

Would you complain to Nike if your shoes wore out in 2 years? Its not their fault that the warranty on the frame is over and the style was discontinued.